Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thoughts on Self Improvement

There seems to be some discussion about whether Einstein actually said that but in any case it is a good quote. The point is if you are unhappy with the results in some part of your life then change the stuff that feeds into that specific thing.

 Some people say the first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have a problem. I do not think this is true. The reason I do not think this is true is that baring mental retardation or some sort of mental disorder people know what their major life problems are. They may play it off to other people or whatever but they know what their major issues are.

The 300 pound former Infantry/ SOF guy Bob who used to weigh 225 but  hasn't watched his diet/ PT and subsequently is now shopping for an extra extra large gun belt knows he is fat, the people with debt up to their eyeballs paying the Visa with the MasterCard know they have money issues, Sally whose last 3 boyfriends were druggies she met around closing time at a dive bar then immediately fell into bed with and later found out they were jerks/ thieves or general dirt bags knows that her dating MO sucks.

 Other people say the first step is making a plan. Though I reject it less fully than the first idea I am still not a fan of it. The reason is that if we asked all the people mentioned above know what their issue is and have at least a general idea how to fix it. Also if you got them talking each of these people already has a pretty decent plan for how to address their problem. They might not have a plan that will get them 100% of the way but they certainly have a good enough one to get started.

The real issue these people are having is not about a perfect plan it is about ACTION! The slim positive about being way off track is that it is pretty easy to get headed back towards the right direction!

Bob the 300 pound guy could make almost any change(es) in his life and show improvement. He could switch to light beer, hit McDonalds for lunch twice a week instead of 3 times and take the dog for a slightly longer walk every day and will likely see progress. Sally could do literally anything different; heck even if she just admits to herself a one night stand with a loser was just that and cuts her loses Sally would get better results.

 The plan that never comes to fruition is a big issue in self improvement. Why is this? With very few instances self improvement is not pleasurable. By the simple nature that we are failing in an area it pretty clearly shows we dislike doing the right thing in that area; heck maybe we even like doing the wrong thing. Ice cream is good, shopping for new shiny toys is fun, etc all.

You can figure out the right way to finish self improvement but for goodness sake get started.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What Have You Done To Prepare Lately

I picked up a couple of budget chest rigs to fill some gaping holes in my gear stash.

The FAL needs a chest rig so I got this
I want an MVT Versa Chest Rig but right now the tactical nylon budget is tight and while I do love the FAL it is kind of an ancillary rifle. I'll probably pick one up this fall/ winter when the fairly predictable run on politically incorrect guns as well as the mags/ ammo that feed them happens.

For the old Commie Warhorse I got a

Also bought some silver a week or so back when it was under $15. These days I would say silver is a deal under $20, under 16 and fugetaboutit. The rest of my discretionary funds are getting stashed for another ammo purchase. Probably a case of 7.62x51 but if I get impatient might just get more 5.56.

Other than that there has been a renewed effort on diet and physical fitness plus some dry fire.

So that is what I have been up to. What have you been up to lately?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Uncertain Tomorrow: Pilot

Hat tip to WSRA and Weapons Man for the find. I wouldn't say every technique was perfect and Weapons Mans criticisms are valid. As to the guy backing up into the alley with his family behind him I agree that is less than ideal but in fairness there was a clear threat in that direction. Maybe the ideal answer would be the primary shooter faces that threat and the alternate (Mrs or whatever) faces the other way ready to engage in that direction. Of course that implies there is a second armed, somewhat trained shooter.

I will give the guy credit for the homeless guy look with the beat up hoodie, field jacket and blanket. Homeless folks rarely merit a second glance in the urban jungle. Also it covered up a rifle and chest rig which was significant. That is something I will keep in mind.

I am eager for episode 2.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lucky Gunner Lounge: Choosing the Best Ammo For Your Rifle by Oleg Volk

A very good article. 

My thoughts:

1- Use appropriate ammunition for the weapon. For most this is easy and just a matter of choosing the right caliber. For older guns however this can be more complicated. As a general rule shoot the kind of ammo the gun was designed to use. A sixty year old 1911 or High Power was made to shoot ball ammo so don't get surprised if it has issues with modern defensive ammo. For some older weapons, particularly those converted 7.62x51 Mausers, be careful about pressure. You could probably get away with a few rounds of umbiguous Winchester PP 150 grain SP hunting ammo for hunting season but more is probably pushing your luck. Low recoil loads or a moderately powered hand load might work as well. If you do much additional shooting I would stick to NATO spec FMJ or better yet; give that rifle designed as a stop gap for rear guard troops an easy retirement of a box of ammo or two a year and the place on your wall it deserves.

2- Use appropriate ammunition for the task.

A- Some rounds are more value targeted than others but accuracy costs money. Expecting budget priced com blog ammo to perform like US made match grade ammo is fooling yourself. Tula is fine ammo for a day at the range or a moderately accurate rifle planned to be used inside a couple football fields but I wouldn't want it for a hunting trip where 400 meter shots are common. Accurate ammo costs more.

B- Also more potent bullet offerings cost more. Depending on how much gun you are using and what you are shooting at this might matter. If you are shooting animals at the upper end of (or arguably beyond) your guns capability then buy good bullets.

Sometimes you need to stash a couple hundred rounds of the good stuff then back it up with a case of less good but decent stuff.

3- Oleg's approach to finding the right ammo for your rifle is sold. Once you find it then stock up! We could argue about how much ammo, my thoughts on how much ammo are on the record, but whatever your happy number is get there.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Importance of Inspecting Bags

These days my Rucksack just stays packed. We do not go to the field every other week or something but I use it for road marching once a week and just like to keep it ready to go. At this stage in my career I have accumulated enough spare socks/ t shirts/ etc that the ones in my ruck can just stay there. For the latest round of field time I almost just grabbed my ruck and took off. Decided it would be a good idea to look in it and I am glad I did.

I was missing a couple key things:

For whatever reason I didn't have a sleeping bag or a woobie or anything like that. Granted this is Louisiana in the dog days of summer so the gore tex bivy could have worked and just sleeping in my clothes would have kept me alive but some sort of insulation makes for a comfortable sleep. I put in my HPG Mountain Serape.

Also for reasons that escape me I have one pair of socks in my bag and they were mid weight and made of wool. When I took out the rest of the winter module I must have missed them. While wool can be worn in any season all but the lightest garments are punishing in this heat. I kept that pair of socks and added 3 lighter pair.

There was a bottle of anti inflamatory pain killers in my ruck. The gel tablets had melted together into a big ball. So those need to be replaced with non gel tablets. 

Those additions made my ruck pass a quick initial inspection.

During the field problem I identified the lack of a medical kit in my ruck as an issue. Granted there is one in my level 2.5 get home bag but that was not with me. Need to add at least a basic boo boo kit. Those supplies can back fill stuff in my level 2.5 GHB when they are used together. Picked up the stuff for a boo boo kit today.

The point is not to assume. For systems you use semi regularly you really need to inspect them /at some interval, and before every major use.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Real World Self Defense and Weapons Retention

I have recently seen a couple of videos that merited sharing. In the first a man is attacked then robbed of his CCW pistol. I feel like we need to be reminded that in a significant number of cases, maybe even a majority, some amount of  movement/ fighting is going to be necessary to create the time and distance to bring a pistol into play. Everyone wants to be a cool guy and shoot fast at targets up close as well as quote some variation of the '3 seconds, 3 shots, 3 feet' thing. However folks don't seem to want to accept this means a fist fight or dirty boxing/ standing grappling/ wrestling match.

 Tam noted this guy who got beat up and had his gun stolen. Seriously a holster with decent retention would have gone a long way in helping the probably decent guy not get gun jacked. The pistol fell out when Goblin threw him on the ground. It isn't even an economic thing. The Blade Tech AIWB holster I use costs like $25. So for the price of a frozen pizza an a half rack of decent beer or bottle of Jim Beam you can have a serviceable holster with adequate retention. Even the most basic Uncle Mikes nylon holster will be like $15.

This is yet another reason I favor appendix carry. Nobody is going to sneak up and grab a pistol I am carrying at 12:15. Also that is an area where I can apply a lot of power and I can easily protect.  Here folks like to envision some sort of boxing match and their pistol safely at 4 o'clock. It ain't likely to happen that way. The person is either going to attack the gun strait away of when they become aware of its presence change angles and go for it. Now the person is fighting someone at their side or behind them which is not good. By default a person trying to grab for my gun is right in the danger zone. Taking a gun off someone carrying appendix is going to be about impossible without strait beating them into unconsciousness.

Additionally I am a big fan of knives for close in work. Some folks carry a dedicated blade just for that but I just have the one knife in my EDC system. I want one of those cool finger knife things but haven't gotten around to it yet.

This is also a fairly rare instance where breaking just one of the three cardinal rules (Don't do stupid things in stupid places with stupid people) got a guy into a problem. Usually you can get away with fudging one of the three and it is when you get to two that trouble comes. Except this time. This happened around 1 AM. I cannot say for certain it couldn't have happened at 8 pm but I doubt it.

Like Tam ECQC is definitely on my short list. In fact it is the only specifically named class (vs a generic field like 'precision rifle course')

Onto the next video.
This is worthwhile because a guy comes from a position of serious disadvantage to win. When bad guys try to decrease your mobility, restrain you or take you elsewhere they want more than money.

Also whatever they plan to do is going to make the situation better for them and worse for you. Better to fight it out, even against terrible odds, on the sidewalk or in this case in your office than decide to fight when you are tied up in a closet in a shack or abandoned building in the middle of nowhere.  I sort of figure if a bad guy plans to maim/ kill me anyway then I have nowhere to go but up by fighting in that situation.

Of course having  weapon on you helps a lot. Still this guy did great. It wasn't pretty but he went from on the ground at gun point to having a gun and engaging the bad guys and as a prize got to live.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

MVT Versa Chest Rig: Introduction and Live Fire Trial

Very cool piece of kit. You can buy one here. I hope to do so in the near future.

Progress on 2015 New Years Resolutions (Goals)

Start hunting
Continue fishing
More food (that fills holes identified in inventory)

Better organize caches
Get another grinder (Corona?)
Pick up some additional rechargeable batteries to have 2 (3 is better) spare sets per new piece of commo gear
5gal kerosene
2x 5gal propane tanks. I have added 1 to the stash.
1x kero lantern w/ 4 wicks and spare globe
Various tools TBD maybe
1x brace and bit Got a drill for my birthday so that is something.
1x buck saw or large bow saw
Chainsaw support gear (me thinks gloves, chaps, spare chain, file, plenty of 2 cycle oil, spark plugs, bar oil, etc)
Files for chainsaw and hand saws
10 pounds various nails
Cordage: Big thing o twine, some bank line, 1 spool of 550 cord, 5x 100 ft light rope
Establish E&E caches as needed

Organize a good household first aid kit Going to say I am most of the way on this one. I need to put it into a container or some sort but the general setup is pretty good.

Full inventory of long term storage food
Inventory gear, spare parts and other moderately priced items
Better organize gear and such

Overall I am sucking at my goals. I have failed in part because of not regularly looking at them. Oh well. Some good things have happened, I went to a sweet pistol course, got some ammo bought a FAL and a cargo trailer. Also I got a case each of 5.56, 7.62x39 and .308. Since I am planning on most of next year being screwed for gun stuff I can work on other things.

How are you doing on your goals for this year?

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Economy and You

The world economy has serious problems. China's stock market basically collapsed despite attempted government interventions. Their economy is cooling. Heck it is just not possible to have 10%+ growth a year for any length of time. They tried devaluing the Yuan but that just stinks of desperation.

 This means many peoples aspirations of a better life are not going to be met. Add that to the real estate market (in China) which is a disaster and there are significant issues. Fundamentally China's recipe of letting people make money in a quasi capitalist economy but restricting freedom of speech, etc all worked when the economy was awesome.

China has a bad case of the flu and all of Asia has gotten sick It is also affecting our markets, arguably pointing out their fundamental weaknesses.

Don't even get me started about the train wreck of the EU. Also slowly but surely the middle east is slipping into a regional war. A war that I can not realistically see a desirable end to. Things are bad there and are almost surely going to get worse.

The stock market had its worst day since 2008. This is bad.

So what can we do?

The standard survivalist advice to move away from a major urban center. Even if moving  to Elk Lake Montana POP 357 is out of the question at least move to a smaller town or bedroom community and for goodness sake get out of NY, LA, Chicago, ATL, Houston, etc.

Along other standard survivalist advice store some food, have guns and know how to use them.

Specifically for this situation.

Before we get started. Look I am not a CPA or a financial adviser.  I am a normal guy who makes what he thinks are the best choices and talks about it on the interwebz. Seriously if you choose to make significant financial choices based on the word of some random guy on the internet you are a fool and deserve everything that happens to you. Consult professionals or be a big boy/ girl and make your own decisions but regardless own your own decisions and don't bitch if they go bad. Consider yourself disclaimed. For whatever it is worth I do have skin in the game as things I talk about are generally in line with, if not exactly, what I am doing. 

Cash on hand. A couple hundred bucks is fine for 3-4 day power outage. Heck for most reasonably prepared people there is some margin in that to pick up a couple things for a neighbor who doesn't have any cash.

 My generic advice is to have at least a month cash expenses on hand at home.

We could define cash expenses as food, fuel, household consumables (trash bags, dishwasher soap, hygiene stuff, etc all), medical needs and the like. Basically the cash expense thing excludes stuff like rent/ mortgage, insurance, investments and other stuff and other such stuff that if need be you could A) send checks for or B) it would not matter immediately. Think about it like this. I have to put cash on the barrel head to get groceries or a tank of gas while, at least in the short term, if I send the land lord/ mortgage company a check they can't cash or not and I'm going to keep living there.

A months cash expenses in small bills (say $100 in ones, $100 in 5's and the rest in 20's up to say 2 grand then the balance in hundreds. ) is a good place to be at. Three months cash expenses physically on hand is a darn good spot to be in.

Saying a months cash expenses vs X dollars is significant because the right answer could vary widely. A single person or lower income family might need to stash $500 to meet a months cash expenses. On the other end of the spectrum a family of 6 in a very comfortable income bracket might need 3-4 grand to have the same level of stability.
More cash certainly wouldn't hurt. Depending on your risk level to suddenly need to take a months discrete vacation (Tony Soprano style) and your overall liquid cash situation more money doesn't hurt. I know a retired person who has ten grand stashed at their place. That would be 6 months cash expenses for them easy. Things were getting weird and banks didn't pay jack in interest anyway so they stashed a bunch of cash at home. Also folks who went through the Great Depression tend to have some strong feelings in this area. They inherently distrust banks and stash cash under the mattress.

Silver and Gold.

Jim the Greek who bought stocks and mutual funds is pretty much screwed right now. His cousin Joe the Greek who bought gold and silver, physically taking delivery, is doing good and has some options.

A guy in an economic collapse who has a few fractional ( sub 1 oz) coins and a decent bag of silver has some options. A guy who has a few ounces of gold and a 50 cal ammo can full of silver has a lot of options. You get the point.

Fuel and Alternative Energy Plans

A few cans full of gas will likely keep your vehicle running for while. A solar charger with some rechargeable batteries is  nice set up to have.

Anyway I guess in closing 1) Live outside of a major urban center. 2) Store your basic beans, bullets and bandaids and 3) It is prudent to stash some precious metals in case you need them later.

Hope you all get something out of this.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Range Report 23 Aug 2015

Took my trusty Glock 19 out to the range today. For the first time I brought my phone with the handy shot timer app.

My primary focus was on 1 shot from holster (concealed). Had the par time set at 1.5.
Extreme low: 1.4
General cluster: 1.45-1.6
Extreme high: 2 flat

Notes: I kept them all within a normal piece of paper (8x11?) as my ghetto convenience vital zone at 7 yards. The overall times were a bit slower than dry fire but I think the actual mechanics of the shot are under represented in dry fire. Since I didn't get any outside of the paper maybe I didn't push speed enough.

Next I practiced shooting single hand both strong and weak. That went fine.

After that I decided to try 2 shots from holster (concealed). It seemed like a good way to incorporate recoil management/ reacquiring sight picture but still keep pushing the core point of the draw.
Extreme low: 1.8
General cluster: 1.85-2.1
Extreme high: 2.5

After that I shot at some (fat) man sized steel at 75 meters. Went 50/50 or a touch better. Not too bad. Honestly instead of taking pistol shots at 75 meters I'm probably just going to run away.

Shot some probably 4" steel at about 15 yards. Was very happy with the results. Lets say I have shot that same set up in the same place before and been very humbled. Today I went probably 2 hits to 1 miss. The misses were modest (low and hitting the frame). For me that is awesome.

After that I did some more 2 shot from the holster.

Closed out with a couple sets of 4 to the body 1 to the head. I smoked the body getting 4 shots in or very near the (ghetto convenience) vital zone inside 2.3. The head shots were both good but I was slow with them at a full second after the last body shot. Too slow. The accuracy was there with the first shot going in the right eye and the second a half inch up right between the eyes its just that they were slow. Will work on it.

Now I have some stuff to work on. Next time I am going to come back and push times for improvement,

Shooting is fun

Notice of Upcoming Changes at JRH Enterprises

Notice of upcoming changes-
We have sold New Pinnacle Autogated PVS14 night vision devices with a REAL 10 YEAR factory warranty at prices lower than wholesale for quite some time now. Truly many wholesalers offer LESSER PVS14's for $3300 or more- WHOLESALE (in other words to dealers buying dozens at a time, not Joe Consumer buying 1).
Our PVS14 High performance model for example has a retail from the manufacturer of $3795. We have had it on sale for 4 months now at $3,150. You'll also note that we changed from the P+ model to the High Performance model as the "Upgraded" version a few months ago. This change to a HIGHER SPECIFICATIONS unit costs us a good bit more, but gives you a unit with much HIGHER SPECIFICATIONS than the P+ unit previously sold as the "Upgraded" unit.

In short, your currently getting much more and paying the same as a few years ago
That sale price will have to end soon. We will still be able to offer it less than the almost $3800. retail, but EXPECT the price to increase in the next few weeks.
All I can say is that we are giving ample warning. The new price will still be a GREATLY DISCOUNTED SALE PRICE, but it will be higher than what is shown right now.

Remember, a "sale price" is a sale price folks, it doesn't always last forever.  
So, EXPECT the sale price of $3150. to end soon. And if you want to lock in an awesome price on a NEW REAL PVS14 with a REAL 10 year factory warranty then you need to be doing it soon.....    
Ryan here:
I love my PVS-14. They are expensive and we all have budgets as well as competing demands but if you can swing it I strongly recommend purchasing one.  Even beyond price increases the period of time where you can buy NODs, FLIR, body armor, guns and cases of 5.56, 7.62x39 and .308 rifle ammo to feed those rifles, etc may close at some point. Either our economy will go totally TU and us normal people won't be able to afford stuff we can now, or laws will change limiting access to these items. Of course if things completely break down normal commerce will be suspended and nobody would trade away stuff like NODs or military pattern rifles anyway. Well maybe for a sailboat or a cabin but certainly not for a few hundred dollar bills.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Repost: Book Review: Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter

Lets say you are re reading a book and plan to do a review on it. You randomly google something about the book and land on a review.  You read a bit more than half of the review and realize it is your post. It was on one of those aggregator sites. So I reviewed Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter about a year ago.


Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter is a book I have read twice over the last couple months. There are a series of books traveling between a few folks and I seem to be the end of a lot of it. Will have to pass some stuff on to other folks in the near future but that is another discussion.

The amazon blurb is:
He was one the best Marine snipers in Vietnam. Today, twenty years later, disgruntled hero of an unheroic war, all Bob Lee Swagger wants to be left alone and to leave the killing behind.

But with consummate psychological skill, a shadowy military organization seduces Bob into leaving his beloved Arkansas hills for one last mission for his country, unaware until too late that the game is rigged.

The assassination plot is executed to perfection—until Bob Lee Swagger, alleged lone gunman, comes out of the operation alive, the target of a nationwide manhunt, his only allies a woman he just met and a discredited FBI agent.

Now Bob Lee Swagger is on the run, using his lethal skills once more—but this time to track down the men who set him up and to break a dark conspiracy aimed at the very heart of America.

The book has also been described as 'A thinking mans Rambo'.

 If you haven't picked it up by now this is the book which inspired the 2007 Marky Mark masterpiece Shooter. As such I am not excessively concerned with spoilers.

The Good:
A fast and enjoyable read. The combination of action and military/ military industrial complex/ intelligence type intrigue makes the book a page turner. A lot of the intrigue stuff was lost when the book was turned into a movie.

If you are into folks talking about the technology, skill and theory of ling distance precision shooting you will have a lot to like in this book. Also there was a lot of general gun talk. On the fun side since the book was written in the early 90's it is now dated in a way that is somewhat amusingly antiquated. Cops carrying revolvers, era appropriate scopes and 1911's, sweet leather holsters and even a prominently displayed Mini-14. I found it quite fun in a sort of nostalgic way.

The importance of cold hard cash and caches came up in a meaningful way. Survivalists can get so into ideas about gear, food, etc that they fail to realize it is far more likely a scenario will be greatly improved by a big wad of 20's than fero rods and fishing line. Of course we can all agree guns are pretty useful.

{Edited on 8/22/15 to include. Seriously in re reading the cash thing comes up at multiple times in a big way. A couple hundred bucks in your pocket, some more in a bug out bag and a bunch in a hidey hole can go a long way towards solving real world problems. Cash is one of the best survival tools out there. Of course you want some guns, gear and food but cash definitely helps with pretty much every problem short of a genuine Mad Max scenario.]

The portrayal of Southern and or shooting culture is pretty accurate. In particular the importance of the concept of honor was accurately portrayed. Of course it is a book so arguably some stuff was amplified a bit but a whole lot more was right than wrong.

The Bad:
Any time you have an action type story line, especially with a strong bad ass type character, the story almost invariably has some times where it gets a bit unrealistic to the point where it fails the common sense test.

While I do enjoy the technical gun stuff  at times it likely detracted from the story. We really didn't need to have discussions about the type of reloading dies Bobby Lee used or the particular gunsmith who might have installed a particular aftermarket barrel on a Remington 700 .308. I found it fun and interesting in a well thought out, albeit period appropriate way but for many folks it was at best neutral and at worst an annoyance.

I sort of think this was the kind of 'shout out's' to the shooting community like how a rap song has to mention 3 dumpy areas and country songs mention a whole bunch of southern and or western states plus rivers and mountain ranges.

[Seriously, I listen to country music and while I enjoy the older stuff it is not on the radio as much as one might like so the newer stuff gets some play. Some of the new stuff is good even though much of it is a bit poppy. However the need to mention so many locations is ridiculous. I have made a game of counting how many specific places songs mention. Maybe market research has said that if an artist mentions a state sales there go up so every song has to mention Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, the Carolina's, Texas, etc. The ones who really think it out can mention every state in the Confederacy, 3 rivers, 2 cities, a swamp and a mountain range. Don't even get me started on that psuedo rap country crap music they play on the radio now.]

The Ugly:

Discussion: This book is a fictional action based story and as such is probably not long on tangible lessons unless you really want to build an early 90's inspired high end precision rifle based on a Remington 700. Still it is a good read and you might well grab some amusing tid bits out of it.

Overall Assessment: You can get a copy of the paperback for well under ten bucks, probably under five at a used book store. It is an enjoyable read and well worth purchasing. I think you will enjoy reading it and pick it up off the shelf to revisit every so often.

Deez Nuts for President!!!

Deez Nuts for president. I can certainly think of worse candidates in the race right now.

Friday, August 21, 2015

State of the AR-15 Union Summer 2015

The other day one of my soldiers brought up buying an AR-15. He knows I have one and so does another soldier who works with us. He asked my thoughts on buying one.

I asked what his budget was and he said about a grand though he would like to have some room in that for accessories, maybe swapping furniture, etc. I got onto the computer and did some digging.

There are so many AR's out there at really competitive prices. We saw a Bushmaster Patrol for $650. Not a brand that you can brag about (like LaRue, Noveski, DD, etc) but a good Chevy/ Ford tier  work horse gun. Rugers new DI gun comes in around $700. Heck we saw a Colt 6920 for $850. To be fair I am talking internet dealer prices so add $60-80 once you pay shipping and a local dealer to do the paperwork.

He talked about potentially building one. I said I'd help if he wants. However with the price of these new, solidly decent guns it would be hard to justify.

Mags can be readily had for $13 and under.  PMC M193 is 37 cents a round at Lucky Gunner.

Anyway there are a lot of good guns out there at awesome prices. Ammo and mags are readily affordable and affordable. Heck 10 years or so ago I paid $850 for a no name budget tier rifle and money was worth a lot more then. If I had left that money in a mayo jar today I could buy a Colt 6920LE which is a whole lot more gun.

I expect the non politically correct gun situation to get bad this winter, heck maybe this fall, as the election madness gets going full force. Inevitably prices will go up and availability will go down. This means almost inevitable panic buying followed by shortages and scalping. What I a getting at is that there is going to be a period, say several months on the short end and a year on the top end, where the market for AR's and such is going to be bad. Best front load purchases planned for the next year or so to the coming 3 months give or take.

Better get while the getting is good.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pic Post

I don't know what this guys situation is. He has a sweet outfit, a nice rifle and some beer so it must be a good time.

Apparently Alton Brown liked guns.

This one is courtesy of Angel
Aside from being an awesome cook the man has serious class in watches and handguns.

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