Friday, November 7, 2008

Physical Training

Far too often preppers are all beans, bullets and bandaids and flabby discussing bodies. For every one who is lean and mean from constantly walking the woods in search of wild game and assorted farm chores and assorted off grid living in the wilds of the intermountain west there are 10 (or more) folks who work at a desk and munch on doughnuts all day long while they sit in front of the computer. I’m not faulting folks because we’ve all got to make a living somehow. I also know firsthand how sedentary jobs can make the pounds pile on. I am restating the point of physical fitness because it is the field of todays post but also because it is far too overlooked.

I took a PT Test the other day. My score was decent but more importantly it TOLD ME WHERE I WAS. I need about a 10 percent improvement all around but a shade more like 15 percent in pushups. I am not saying that the APFT (2 minutes of pushups, 2 minutes of sit-ups and a 2 mile run) is the greatest test of fitness out there. I am not suggesting that you use it as your individual fitness test (though it isn’t a bad place to start) and if it wasn’t forced upon me it would not be my chosen test.

You need to figure out a test that will work as your own fitness barometer. I am going to slip into Army speak here but it is the best way I know to explain this. First you must develop a list of mission essential tasks. From that list you will figure out what sort of physical endeavors will be required and thus plan your exercise routine. From the routine you can then develop the test.

It is essential to BE REALISTIC. Consult your doctor before blah, blah, blah. Seriously though if your last pair of running shoes became relaxing shoes and then lawn shoes and then the shoes used to help the neighbor tar his driveway and the wife threw then out don’t plan on doing that 40 minute 5 mile run you used to do on a regular basis. Yes that was a super compound sentence but it got the point across.

Come up with the essential tasks you need to do and a plan to work towards being better at said tasks. Measure that ability on a regular schedule.


Maestro said...

Pay attention to your Adductors and Abductors (muscles in groin and on outside of hips). Not many people get on the Yes/No machine to do this but it is critical for moving with heavy weight on your back on uneven ground or for hand-to-hand.
That and posterior deltoids (muscles on back of shoulders). The PDs are critical for pulling a bow string.

kevin said...

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