Friday, November 14, 2008

Top 10 Gadgets For Survivalists

We love cool SHTF stuff and I decided to put together a list of the top 10 gadgets. I used the term somewhat loosely with a focus on low priced stuff that fits our needs very well or in a novel way. As most of you know I tend to attempt to quantify things that are labeled as such. The following are the criteria used to assess the gadgets:

-Cheap, obviously a cheap item is more likely to fit into tight budgets and thus get into our pockets, GHB's or Rucksacks.

-Useful, Something cheap is still a total waste if it is not worthwhile and able to fill a legitimate need. The best water filter in the world is useless no matter how cheap if your goal is to tighten a medium sized philips screw.

-Sexy, In this case the word is sononymous with cool, neat or awesome.

Each of these is rated with 5 as the best score and 1 as the worst.

Here are the gadgets that are going to be ranked:

Little key chain led light
tide to go pen
bore snake
bore illuminator flashlight adapter
the backup
glock plug
glow stick

There will be some discussion later on but now we will get strait to the rankings.

# 10-The Backup. It scored 2, 3.5 and 4.5 (I will just give numbers from now on but they will always be in the same order) in cheap, useful and sexy. Its biggest drawback was that it is relatively expensive and also that it isn't particularly useful.

#9- Tide to go pen. It ranked 5, 3, 2.5. It is dirt cheap and pretty useful. It is not particularly sexy though. It says soccer mom way more then SHTF Ninja.

#8-The bore snake. I love the bore snake and was seriously tempted to tweek the criteria afterwords to make it go higher. It ranked 3,5,3. It is relatively expensive because they are only useful for a certain caliber which means that instead of one working for all your rifles or pistols needing 3-5 for a relatively modest sized gun collection adds a lot to the cost. Also I can clean the bore of a gun quicker then most folks probably isn't a great pickup line or addition to a SHTF group meeting.

#7- The multi tool ranks 2, 5, 4. I definitely lumped this diverse category into a single unit. For the sake of this discussion I am talking about a standard multi tool from a major manufacturer at a cost of about 50 bucks. The multi tool ranked relatively low because of its high (relatively to the other gadgets) cost but makes up for that by being uuber useful and sexy.

#6- The bore light adapter for a standard flashlight. With ranking or 5, 4, 2 the bore light adapter is a solid if somewhat boring contender.

#5- The Glock backstrap plug is a novel invention that is probably more aesthetic then anything else. It ranks 5, 2, 4. It could be said this is a great solution to a nonexistent problem.

#4- The little led light. These things are the shit. I own a few and suggest everyone does the same. For me they have almost entirely replaced small flashlights for their traditional role. It ranks 5,4,3.

#3- There is no number 3. I wrote this yesterday and apparantly messed up because there are infact 9 gadgets on the list.

#2- The Magpul is cool. What was said about the glock backstrap plug goes double here. 550 cord or 550 cord in conjunction with 100 mile per hour tape seems just fine to me. If you want to look like a total badass or someone who at least shops at the same store as a total bad ass have these on your mags. I rated them 4,3,5.

#1- The Glowstick. They are dirt cheap, pretty useful and sexy. They ranked 5,3,5.

In retrospect I could have more narrowly defined the gadgets. The open ended nature lead to comparing an apple, a rock, a can of beer and an envelope. I should have had at least one more criteria for ranking. This criteria would be something to the effect of "improvement over old technology". Also I should have been somewhat more objective about the cost category.


Anonymous said...

For my money, the best LED light is the Inova Micro-light - the one with an opaque body, because the LED is recessed and there's less light thrown out to the sides.

theotherryan said...

I think I might have one of those. I just pick up the 6 dollar ones.

Anonymous said...

Get a Seattle Slug for your glock, gives you some weight and helps reloading. Actually, trade you Glock in for a Sig. You'll be happy you did.

Magpul followers in standard AR mags are a great upgrade too.

theotherryan said...

8:24, seattle slug what? I like my glock a lot and have no desire to trade it. To be honest when it comes to AR mags U rock the Gi spec standard. If I need to reload I grab eject, place in my cargo pocket and reload.

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