Sunday, April 26, 2009


Last night I stumbled onto this show on the TV. It was pretty interesting and I watched a few episodes. Here is a preview of one of the episodes I watched. It got me to thinking both as a survivalist and as an Infantryman about how I would deal with a situation like that "a tracker on horse back chasing me".

This show was pretty darn realistic except that it ended when the tracker physically touched the prey. In a world of projectile weapons that is a rather artificial constraint. I think it would be a far different (albeit darker and more aggressive in an American sort of way) game if they had paintball/airsoft/ simmunition guns.

How to deal with someone tracking you. I found an interesting site here. Whatever you think of the Rhodesian's they were probably the best at tracking people in a military context. Here is their cliff notes on anti tracking.


The techniques for anti-tracking are as varied as your imagination. You may be the one being tracked some day, so give some thought to covering your trail. Here are some possibilities:

1. Wear the same boots as the enemy, if you are operating in his territory. If he goes barefoot you could be in for some tough going.

2. Use animals or cattle to cover your tracks.

3. Move in the rain if possible.

4. Use streams and rivers, roads and railways to cover your spoor.

5. Walk on rocky or hard ground.

6. Move through villages to get lost in the tracks. (Note: If you are desperate enough to try to penetrate a village, do so very carefully at night and only as a last resort.)

7. Split up or bombshell and circle back and RV (rendezvous).

8. Brush out your tracks with bushes, hats, or neck scarves.

9. If dogs are after you, try using CS or tear gas powder or pepper laced with ammonia on your tracks.

10. If you can, booby trap and ambush your trail.

From what I saw in the show people did well when they did the following:
1. Obscured their tracks by throwing cloth/ over sized socks over their footwear.
2. Stay off the road if they are close. You aren't going to move faster for longer then someone on horseback.
3. Use false routes (make some semi obvious tracks then go the other way) at convenient opportunities such as forks in the road.
4. Do anything that you think will delay them.
5. Use terrain that is prohibitive for movement on horseback or significantly slows it down. A good map recon is essential on this one. Maybe they can't follow you down the steep almost cliff but if they can just go an extra mile and use the trail you loose. A horse can do a lot of side tracking and still walk/ run people down.
6. If you need to get away from them move into thick and or steep terrain that is prohibitive to horses.

As for some darker less nice ideas.
1. Neutralize their transportation. Remember in Crocodile Dundee II when the gangsters were about to start chasing Mick Dundee and the first thing he did was shoot the radiator out of both of the trucks? Put them on foot and you are a long way towards even.
2. Anything you can do to delay them will put distance between you and them which is the goal. The farther behind they get the more likely you are to loose them. Punjee sticks at a good choke point could really slow them down. At a minimum if they detect the trap they will be a lot more cautious from then on.
3. Turn around back onto your own trail and bring the fight to them. Preferably do this when they are on an open trail with nowhere to go and you have a nice little hillside.
4. If you are in a large (5+) group consider leaving a couple lightly encumbered quicker people to conduct some some sort of a delaying action. Someone popping off a few shots (at least semi accurate) to pin them down is going to gain plenty of time to break contact while they use fire and maneuver to close with the suspected position or break contact and seek to move around it.

Not sure that anyone cared but those are pretty much my thoughts on this.


Maggy said...

Interesting thoughts. I haven't considered tracking much seeing as I don't hunt or anything, but still cool. I like the "same boots theory".

theotherryan said...

Maggy, Me neither. This was definitely one of the cases where I spent three hours watching a show and had a bunch of thoughts. The same boots theory makes tons of sense.

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