Friday, October 23, 2009

Maturing as a Blogger or is it just Perspective

I have had a few interesting (for lack of a better phrase)events over the blogs history. We have had some downright tense moments here. Once a weak stupid old hypocritical piece of shit threatened me with vague harm. [I thought he was my friend but he was in fact a pathetic piece of shit. I figured it is mean kill useless elderly people even if they really ask for it.] TOM also offered to meet him in a mutually convenient location for fisticuffs, but he preferred to be a big tough man through the internet. Another time an asshat said something which really bothered me and I offered (may or may not have had a few beers) to drive halfway to whoop his ass. He did not send me an email about specifics....

Mentioning the less pleasant moments here on the blog does have a point. Somewhere in the last year or so I have apparently matured some or at least had a change in perspective.

Not too long ago a fellow said something which questioned the length and quality of my service to our country. As a Vet and an MMA guy my initial thought was to go with a ground and pound. On a tangent if you ever want a Vet to kick the living shit out of you just question the length and quality of his service. I did not go for the Jab, Power Double, Mount and Punchisize plan or its comment equivalent. I sort of waited overnight and decided that it would be more better to go with a sharp rebuttal instead of an all out assault.

About a week ago I had a message on my facebook. Some lady did not like a comment I wrote very much. I wrote her back explaining most of my position and rebutting a point or two of hers then figured the matter was settled. She then sent me a message which was direct and not really nice. I did what I naturally do (ask someone who knows me) and went strait for the attack to crush her. Had a good right hand ready to punch her strait in the baby maker and then I took a minute to just think. Believe I wrote her back an hour or two later and instead of crushing her ovaries with a devistating right cross I calmly but firmly rebutted the points of her message which where rediculous and went into a bit of length explaining my point. She wrote me back a very nice message saying she misread what I said and appologizing for the whole thing. I think that at the end of the day I can consider a woman I didn't know something of a friend (at least in this limited venue) which is a good thing.

It isn't that I am not willing to disagree with folks or make a harsh reply should one be needed. More that like the professional fighter I have become there is some thinking before unleashing death and destruction. It isn't that I am not willing to do it. I have recently called out a lot of hypocritical bullshit in a couple of good rants and given the anarchists my .76 cents. It is more that I am doing it in an intentional manner rather than "this person said something which makes me mad" sort of imprompu thing.

Who knows where my perspective, inclinations and temperament will go in the future. This could be interesting.


Stephen said...

Ryan...I have been enjoying your blog for awhile now and I have definitely noticed a lot of change in your attitude(good) and signs of you trying to better yourself!

blackberry said...

New to your blog,for real I thought you were F.O.S. until I read your comment about asking a vet when and where they served, how long, etc. That gave me a good laugh. Take care buddy.

theotherryan said...

Stephen, You have certainly been a fixture here for awhile. My attitude has definitely changed in a positive way. I do this mostly for my pleasure so there is no reason to go getting pissed off all the time. Really if I can't figure out how to do this without getting pissed off all the time I best find another hobby, life is just to short for the hastle.

Interestingly enough I haven't tried to do anything.

My best guess is that I am just sort of realizing that some stuff plain isn't worth it.

theotherryan said...

Blackberry, Glad you are here, hope you enjoy the place. Not sure what this F.O.S. thing you mention is. Glad you got a laugh over my post though. You take care too.

Mayberry said...

Lots of times we blow up instantly and it swings around to bite us in the ass. It still happens to me, but I find as I age that I think more before I react. Things done in the heat of the moment are almost never good. Age really does bring wisdom (not that I'm old!). Yes, there are stupid old people... They were stupid young people who never paid attention in life. But I find that they're few and far between. Most of them wind up as Congressmen or Senators..... ; )

Anonymous said...

Some things are worth getting upset about immediately:

-someone hitting you
-a dog biting you
-a person short changing you at checkout

If you ***KNOW**** you are right about a topic (that does not deserve immediate attention) then don't get upset.....just let time pass and history will prove you right. Trust's worked for me on MANY occasions. You must develop patience to employ this tactic, but it is worth it. Plus, it's so much more gratifying to say, "See...told ya' so." And afterwards give 'em a wink and a smile just to rub it in.

The Other Mike S. said...

FYI, FOS= FUll Of SHit.

I remember that pencil-dick very well. He got all puffy-chest so I told him to send me his home address to my email address. Never heard from him again.

Ahh, good time ;-)

Of course, there's probably never been a documented case of two dudes actually finding each other and duking it out. Honestly, if the guy didn't live around the corner, I wouldn't drive ANYWHERE for a fight!

I find it very satisfying to take a few minutes, and tear the shit out of their arguments. Generally, if someone makes threats online, they've got no logic to their arguments.

theotherryan said...

TOM, Thanks for getting me up to speed on an acronym I somehow missed. Yes that was quite a little event. As always morale and functional backup is appreciated.

If two guys have gotten into an argument online and drove 253 miles each to meat and had a first fight ever I have not heard about it.

I certainly tear apart some arguments but these days I try to do it more with a purpose than for general malice.

milton f said...

You must have been reading the Advocates for Self Government stuff!
Winning hearts and minds through the power of persuasion.

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