Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dual Wielding

I saw this picture and it just made me laugh. I have thought long and hard about potential real life uses for shooting two pistols at once and generally employing the 'one in each hand' technique. The only halfway serious ones I could come up with are as follows.

If you need to provide suppression to cover the movement of yourself or another person.  If you are using fire and maneuver tactics and are armed with pistols the day is going very badly to say the least.

If you need to cover two people in a Quentin Tarantino style Mexican standoff  it could be useful  but again a rather improbable scenario.  As for Mexican standoffs that is a pretty bad situation and as Reservoir Dogs points out they end poorly.

In any other situation I think the ability to accurately engage targets vastly outweighs the short term additional firepower of a second pistol. Just pick up a Glock and a  few 33rd mags if this is really a concern. Looking at a folding stock AK or something might not be a bad idea either. In any case......

I have shot two pistols at the same time before and think you should try it too. Not that it has any pretense of value or realistic useful training but because it is a kick. When I took my Bro in Law to the range it was one thing I made sure he got a chance to do. He definitely liked shooting and I imagine we will go the next time I am home.  Dual wielding is definitely something everyone should do at least once but I would keep it to the range or the local gravel pit.


3rdman said...

I would be interest to know where the picture was taken. It appears to be in a Latin country because how Police is spelled on their vest.

theotherryan said...

3rdman, I would concur that it was likely somewhere in Latin America.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard enough time hitting a target with one pistol. Two pistols would be ludicrous.

Commander_Zero said...

Shooting a pair of handguns is alot of fun, however you cant hit jack with them. Great for noise and coolness though...a pair of G17's with 30-rd mags is a John Woo wet dream come to life.

However, there is always a practical use for carrying two pistols. The primary one is obviously for The Worlds Fastest Reload. If youre the supersneaky type a pistol on your hip and one in the small of your back is a nice combination for those "open your jacket real slow and toss that handgun over here" moments. Having said that, theres been exactly one time in my life when I actually carried two pistols because I thought I might need them. I was providing security for a large cash transaction taking place in a parking lot in the late evening. (nothing illegal...just when you sell large quantities of precious metals some folks prefer the anonymous transfer method.) But with that much cash and a whole pile of unknowns, it seemed a good precaution to have a little extra firepower around.

Go to the range sometime and shoot a matching brace of handguns at the same time. Feels good, lotsa fun, lotsa noise, looks cool and utterly impractical.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris can fire 3 handguns at the same time.


Scott said...

Love the uniformity of attire.
Urban camo, forest camo, ninja, and the shit I found on the floor when I rolled out of bed.
At least most have vests.

theotherryan said...

Hermit, I sort of agree. If there is someone who can honestly shoot two pistols accurately at even one target I have never seen or heard of them.

Commander Zero, I agree entirely. Haven't done it with the 9mm Glocks and 30rd mags yet. These days it will cost me about $15 to do so.

The worlds fastest reload or having a spare are probably more utilitarian purposes for a second gun. If I feel that I need to bring two guns to something one is going to be long but I can see your point.

Coachteet, That he can.

Scott, They certainly do not match well and their guns area complete mish mash.

Hoffman said...

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