Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yummy Spanish Rice

Rice is a pretty solid preparadness food. We also like rice because it is really cheap. It doesn't last 12,000 years like wheat does but it is a lot easier to incorporate into your diet with minimal adjustments. That being said plain rice pretty much sucks. We have rice as a major part of dinner once just about every week. The two ways we tend to have it are with Terriaki Chicken and as Spanish rice.

Spanish rice couples well with Tacos or Fajitas or Enchilladas. Those meals tend to be meat and dairy (cheese and sour cream) heavy and thus relatively expensive. Adding Spanish rice as a side dish gives us roughly double the meals for the same amount of expensive stuff and thus greatly drags down the total cost per meal. If you have huge tortillas and are down with the whole mission style thing just put the rice into the burrito.  Also it is just frickin good.

I can heat up a nice big plate of the Spanish rice and it is a great meal. The recipe makes a bunch of the stuff. Usually enough for us both to have dinner and about two lunches.

This is the recipe Wifey uses. Also here are her hints: 
First of all when you brown the rice in the olive oil it is uncooked ie measure out of bag and pour it strait into the olive oil. This is noted because in just about everything else where you add rice cooking the rice first is an implied task. Secondly when you add the broth to the rice should be hot enough to simmer immediately. Then you put the lid on and DON'T TOUCH IT AGAIN, just let it cook until it is done. When you turn off the heat and let it 'rest' for 5 minutes don't lift the lid. Just let it be.


Kevins Promotional Products said...

I love cooking rice. Try adding canned chicken to it and maybe some veggies and a sauce and you can make a simple meal from stored foods.

Flight-ER-Doc said...

We eat rice more than any other starch (my latin heritage, I guess).

It's easy to make, too. My wife improved on my recipe, and now we make it this way:

Rice, twice as much chicken stock as rice, a little bit of oil (olive preferred but any cooking oil), seasoning. Bring to boil with lid on pot, turn heat to lowest possible setting and LEAVING THE LID ON, wait 20 minutes. The rice will be perfect.

The chicken stock was my wife's suggestion. The trick to cooking it is to leave the lid on while simmering, that moisture gets absorbed by the rice. If the bottom of the pot has a little visible moisture (it usually doesn't), just turn the heat up a bit and let it cook off, which takes a minute or two.

My wife actually measures ingredients, I figure that if I use a pot with straight sides I just need to double the depth of rice with stock.

The Hermit said...

I eat a lot of rice. It's easy to fix, and it's cheap. Usually I boil it up, then just put some butter and salt on it. But if I get really creative, I can mix it with pork and beans, or sausage, something of that nature.

Anonymous said...

use the spanish rice,add a pound of browned ground beef,a small can of tomato sauce and 1 can water.A complete meal!

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