Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reader Question

Subject: advice needed

I'm looking into these items for my Garand. I wanted your opinion as to which you would prefer and whether one has more advantages than the other. This or this?

The question is should I go with the belt, seeing is how its combat proven or the versatility of the shoulder bag?

Thanks man, love your blog

TOR here: I added the pic myself, just couldn't resist. 

In one word: Pouch.

In a sentence: You would be better served by purchasing the pouch.

In long form: Without buying both of these, waiting to get them delivered and fiddling with them a bunch here are my thoughts.  I wrote about these buttstock and 'grab and go' pouches awhile ago. I believe they will serve someone who plans to use a Garand for practical purposes and doesn't care about historical accuracy. The leather belt setup is proven but do keep in mind that they were fielded during WWII means they were the most durable, reasonably priced option available during that era. We live in a different era and lots of advances in gear have been made since the big one. I think heavy belts tend to slide down and also the ammunition is poorly placed. Instead of being all in one place it is spread around your body. That inhibits the muscle memory necessary for quick fluid reloads from developing. With the pouch all of your ammo is in the same place which is a good thing. Also the combination of a nice tab and velcro make for very fast access.

Personally I would purchase the buttstock pouch and the 'grab and go' pouch for practical use and if the mood later strikes you get the belt for coolness and historical correctness. FWIW I would seek to wear the grab and go pouch in a manner that keeps it secure in one place on your body instead of flopping around hanging by the strap. Looking to attach it to your belt or using some cord to just tie it around your stomach would be prudent. I see it being secure either smack dab in the middle of your stomach/ chest or at stomach level offset somewhat to the weak side. YMMV.

Joshua, You are welcome and I hope this helps.


Marine 83 said...

I perosnaly like this idea, although at that price I can have the wife make me one or two.

theotherryan said...

Marine 83, Interesting idea. It would allow one to use their standard web gear/ mag pouches/ whatever. I am hesitant about the idea that each clip isn't secured individually.

Wyn Boniface said...

I agree with your idea of grab and go for a Garand set up. I have thought up this with regards to many of the old war horses. The buttstock pouches are a must in my opinion.

theotherryan said...

Wyn, For rifles you could realistically see being fielded having something to hold ammo is essential. For defensive weapons I have buttstock pouches.

Flight-ER-Doc said...

A shoulder bag of some sort, or a dump pouch kind of rig on a vest/belt, holding loaded en-bloc clips....No need to get fancy.

Anonymous said...

I believe I have seen someone mention carrying an en bloc on the sling (pinching sling on both sides of rounds) as well, a good idea for a quick access reload.

If there is one bad side of Garand, it is not having ability to top off between engagements.

theotherryan said...

Flight-ER-Doc, I suppose it depends. If you are looking to adapt your current setup (for another rifle) to take the Garand out for a bit of practical shooting I agree. Then again if you just own a Garand or otherwise want a Garand exclusive setup something a bit more purpose built would be advisable.

theotherryan said...

4:36, Flight-ER-Doc mentioned that the last time we talked about Garand gear. It is a good el cheapo alternative to a buttstock pouch. Heck do both and have 3 reloads.

Not being able to 'top off' is one thing. Low capacity (versus 20-30) and slow reloads are a couple more. I own a Garand and love it but it isn't the first or second rifle I would grab if things got all Schummer.

Anonymous said...

The popular method of carrying En Bloc Clips in WW2 and Korea was in bandoleers. Troops found the bandoleers easier to use, and they made re supply easier.

This bag looks interesting: [url][/url]

Have a similar one for AR mags that I just bought and so far am pleased with. Would like to modify it to allow chest carry ala NVA/Viet Nam practice.

Harmony Hermit

Anonymous said...

OOPs! Check out the website from the manufacturer: [url][/url]

He has some great equipment and sells direct.

The chest rig looks interesting.

Harmony Hermit, who should know by now to Gogle before e writes.

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