Friday, March 19, 2010

Ammo, New Years Resolutions and Extra Magazines

Today I bought a case of .223 ammo. It is 75 grain match JHP's made by Prvi Partisan. For what it is I am pretty happy with the price. So that takes another resolution off the list which is sweet. I got to thinking about my other ammo resolution  

13. Half cases each of 7.62x39, 9mm and just maybe .38. Full ones if I am feeling rich. Decided to go in a slightly different direction. I am going to get a full case of 9mm, some sort of JHP ammo. After the rest of my goals have been met I may look at some 7.62x39.

Also as per #14 I will get 20 Glock 9mm mags before moving onto more spare parts or after that some M1a mags. Who knows what will happen and it would be nice to have enough extra mags that I could pass a few to a friend if need be or get another gun and not be short mags. As I discussed earlier it would be nice to be able to stash a few here and there just in case.

Oh yeah and since I made the jerkey #18. Get a dehydrator and dehydrate something.  is complete. Speaking of which I am doing pineapple slices right now.


Chris said...

Out of curiosity, how do you PCS with all your ammo?

I'm looking at how my move out of AK will work...
- The military won't ship it as HHG
- You can only drive through Canada with 50 rounds
- You can only bring 11 lbs each when you fly

At this point it makes me think that stockpiling ammo that I'm not willing to shoot before my PCS is a bad idea.

Chris from AK

theotherryan said...

Chris, I shipped a bunch commercially when I left Alabama/ Georgia.

Are you driving or flying? What really complicates things for you is Canada. Otherwise you could just toss it in the back of a car. One idea that might help. Is there a ferry that you get onto in Alaska and get off in Seattle or something? Worst case is to pay commercially to ship a some. I would consider doing some real practice and plinking first though as it is expensive.

Chris said...

I'm hoping to drive. You bank so much more dough with per diem and partial DITY, and you get all the travel days for a "vacation" too (I'll usually drive 500 miles a day or more until I get somewhere interesting then stop for a day or two -- they give you enough time to just do 350 miles/day).

We may be able to use the ferry to go from AK straight to WA. While we miss out on driving the ALCAN again (it was fun!) we do get to skip Canada. After AK I'll probably be going to Vegas for a six month school, so I will definitely want to bring the CCW handguns. Trying to bring a handgun into Canada is a nightmare.

I don't think its worth the money in my situation to ship a lot of ammo. At $1/lb (probably more -- AK is often expensive to ship to and from) that's pricey. I may ship some of my premium ammo with the handguns to a friendly FFL in Washington State and just shoot all the rest before I go if we have to go through Canada. I'm sure that we can buy more in Reno or Vegas for cheaper than we can in AK.

I was hoping you had a loophole in the moving regs but oh well!

Anonymous said...

CDNN ( has a sale on right now for all Glock mags at $19.99.

(I don't work for 'em, but I do A LOT of business with that company.)

3rdman said...

Let us know how that 75gr works out. It has been my experince that most 5.56 ammo over 69gr tend to blow primers because of the increased powder load needed to push the heavier bullet. Also the last Colt Armorer school I attended they talked about this issue as well. I recommend only military grade ammo such as from Blackhill if you want to go over 69gr. Just my 2cents

Anonymous said...

Check for $10 Glock mags

JP in MT

theotherryan said...

Chris, I prefer driving also. You make a wad, especially eating reasonably priced food and staying in modest motels. Also you need to get the car there anyway. I have heard that some truckers who move stuff for the Army may be willing to bend a rule now and then. However since they would need to get through Canada I can't see that happening for you.

Look into the ferry option. It may or may not be possible, let alone worth it in the big picture. I do not know how much ammo you have of what type. Obviously shipping 500 rounds of high end (COR BON, Hydroshock, etc) defensive pistol ammo makes more sense than 500 rounds of #8 bird shot for your skeet gun. If you have the time and motivation maybe selling some ammo is an option. Easy enough to carry cash then replace the ammo on the other end. If that doesn't work have a day at the range practicing and maybe some good old fashioned (when ammo was cheap style) plinking. After that bite the bullet and ship the rest. FWIW the prices I paid were to ship ammo from Georgia to the PNW. AK to WA might not be that bad.

theotherryan said...

3rdman, I did some anecdotal research on the 75 grain PRVI Partisan load and it was generally good. When I shoot some I will write about it.

11:40, I have done a fair bit of business with them. Plan to do a lot more in the future.

JP in MT, The one time I tried something else they were complete junk, the springs jammed and bound up on the first load. Took them back strait away. Can't say if those Korean mags are any good or not. Can't say if those ones are good or not but I just buy Glock factory mags.

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