Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Well a case of .223 ammo alone made this a good week for me. I also dehydrated some pineapple. It is pretty good though I need to really figure out the exact right amount of time. I did a lot of cooking this week in the crock pot. Since Wifey is working these days our dinner choices seem to be crock pot, quick pasta or meat and taters kind of stuff and occasionally some sort of cheater meal. For a little while there we were slipping from eating real food as a general rule. We started eating out a bit more and then when our cheapness made up knock that off moved to easier stuff. Not that there is anything wrong with some good processed Americana like hot dogs now and then but too often just isn't good for you. This week we were better which is good. Today I made barley casserole which is pretty darn good.

We put away some more Euro's which is good.  Folks occasionally question that. Some of them likely weren't tracking that I am in Europe right now. I keep some Euro's around because that is what spends here. If I was in Japan I would have Yen and if I was in Canada I would have Canadian Dollars. Other folks don't seem to see the point in keeping cash on hand and favor silver or something. The thing is that you need cash. Yesterday I counted up our random change and took it to the bank to exchange for a fiver. One of the interesting parts of having one and two euro coins instead of bills is that having too many of them gets bulky and heavy fast. We do keep some onesies, twosies and change around for small purchases. Stashing a 10 or a 20 every week seems to be working pretty well. It isn't particularly likely that we will need them but like the case of ammo, when you need it you really need it!

 The next several weeks are going to see little to nothing getting done but that is life. Tonight or tomorrow night I will fiddle with the Shortwave Radio which is getting more entertaining as I can hear stuff now. Will write about that later.


Anonymous said...

Ordered a wheat grinder, dehydrator, siphon hoses, backup molle pack, and sling for backup AR-15. Bought additional canned food. Reading “One Second After”. Making a trip to LDS facility this week. I need to focus on reloading.

Rick in CO said...

Tornado season is coming. (I'm in N-Colorado but still had tornado hit my town 2 years ago.) so...
restocked bottled water stock.
checked battery stock. (need refills)
boosted mac&cheese stock. (lasts almost 2 years and with tuna/salmon tastes great)
added $50 cash to emergency supply.

Wife is totally on board prepping-wise but also is 6 months prego so lost a bit on the cravings for local food this wkend.

I somewhat comfort myself in that we are supporting local businesses...

bought a Midland two-way radio. turns out the 36mile range they advertise is somewhat bogus. In order to get the range one must register with the FCC! The low power radio comes thru clear for about a 1/2 mile. I went ahead and applied for a license just to see what the final range is here. btw it was $85 for the application. (robbery!) I will have to post on it once I get a final read on the range. My work is 16 miles away so hoping to have two radio between home and work. Anyway, if any two way requires "hi-power" one must register with the FCC to broadcast. I have been scanning the "hi-power" band for the last week and have received no other broadcasts but my own.
Will update later.

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