Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Good Part of Saving

Living below your means is not fun. It means that you have less money to spend on general lifestyle and discretionary expenses. It does however occasionally have good parts.

Last year into the very beginning of this one our big push was setting up the emergency fund. While it didn't give us anything quantifiable, peace of mind is darn hard to beat. We have been planning to get a TV for awhile. Actually ordered one online and after we paid for it they decided not to ship it. Eventually we will get that cash back but the whole thing turned into a real big pain. In any case today we went out and got a new 40" Sony Bravia TV. We took it home at a steep discount for a bit over $800 which considering the lack of options here is great. It is really darn nice. Also it has a remote control that works which gives me more joy than you could imagine.

This year we have been primarily pushing to get a decent second vehicle.This mission is now funded. We have a line on a low mile SUV which, assuming it passes muster with our stern and reliable German mechanic could work out well. Regardless sooner or later something will come along that fits our fairly loose criteria.

When you live below your means you can save money and use it to accomplish goals. Living below your means sucks but accomplishing goals is pretty awesome so it equals out. Maybe you want to set some money aside or buy a neato rifle or a piece of junk land or a camper or whatever. This is how you get there in a realistic and affordable way. Seriously today I got a nice TV with cash and we are about to buy a car. There is nothing magical about it. We have a pretty average income and choose to live well below it. Like many things in life it is simple but not easy.

On the bright side we are going through our New Years Resolutions like a bag of cocaine at an early 90's SNL party. Going to try and finish up our current goals and then do some more financial stuff. 

Please excuse me while I watch my sweet huge TV.


Rick in CO said...

Awesome!I bought my TV in cash a few years ago. Totally the way to go.
For our what we did to prepare this week...
Began planting our late spring sprouts, transplanted our early sprouts, and added mulch to garden.
Did a complete inventory of freezer and pantry's. We estimate about 3 months of food there.
Purchased a 12 gauge, 30in barrel shotgun and SA 22LR rifle.
Stashed away some more cash.
Also our 3 month emergency fund is complete.
Baby coming in July so started stocking baby food and diapers! YEA!!!

Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Right there with ya TOR...we waited a LONG time before picking up a new TV. Finally broke down and did that last week, with cash. Not quite as huge (hey, we had to fit that thing in the back of a taxi) but bigger and a whole heck of a lot younger than the one on the way over from the States.

(Psst...IF you run up on a semi-affordable small vehicle that'll fit 4 and pass inspection without me busting a huge hole in the savings, drop me a line. Personally, I'm finding the prices on some of the used ones 'round here entirely too high for my taste.)

theotherryan said...

Ozark Momma,

A new TV is a nice thing. A new TV without any guilt is even better.

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