Friday, April 16, 2010

Tires, Junkyards, Beer Brewing and Mags

Today I went to get a leaky tire fixed. I went to the automotive place and; skipping the details lets just say it significant will power to not go Patrick Bateman on them. Anyway it all turned out OK when I went to the junk yard. For a couple minutes of looking and a few more wrenching some lug nuts I got a new tire with a rim for $17. Really psyched about that.

I have been saving up my pennies and ad money so it was time to buy some stuff. Decided to just go ahead and get mags. I am not exactly sure what type of 9mm ammo I want to get and well who knows what could happen with mags. Anyway I ordered 10 Glock 9mm mags from CDNN investments. Depending on how I want to look at it they are either going to be mags for my next Glock,  to stash somewhere or just put away for a rainy day. Lately I have been feeling like my happy number of 10 pistol mags is a bit low. The idea of having a few more to stash here or there has been appealing to me.

I went ahead and got 10 US GI M1A mags also. While certainly not the cheapest .308 semi auto I do really covet the M1A and intend to get one. Ever since I saw a blurb about these mags at a sane price on Survival Blog I have been wanting to pick some up. I was going to get more like 8 but there was free shipping on purchases over $200 so it was an easy decision to get 10.  In any situation (massive gun control/ AWB) where I would be unable to eventually get a rifle to go with them the mags would increase significantly in value so I don't see a downside.

Maybe if  the rest of the year goes rather well I will make those same orders again. 

Also ordered World Made By Hand and FerFal's book. I wanted to get his book when it came out but if I recall the cost was like $35 or even $40. Too much for me to justify anyway. However at $25 it is something I can justify. Really looking forward to reading it.

Was all set to order a beer brewing kit but they wanted almost double the price to ship the darn thing. That was pretty disappointing. When companies ship to an APO they only pay shipping costs to New York State but it is used as an excuse to really stick it to us. I will do some more looking and if need be pursue buying one locally. Worst case there is a store like an hour away and that city has some nice restaurants to boot.

I am going to cruise the blogosphere a bit then pick Wifey up from work. 



smalltownnative said...

I figured you'd like the junkyard here. if you wanted to pick up another little beater, they always have cars there for like $350, and usually don't need much work to get them on the road and though inspection.

tjbbpgobIII said...

I just finished Ferals book and I think it's one you'll really enjoy. It has tons of info on what looks to be coming here (The USA) and from a perspective of someone going through it. I don't believe it's over yet as per the k's. who sre socializing their country, much as our own dear leader(em em em) hopes to do.

Vinosaur said...

If you only need a hole repair I highly recommend getting a "Safety Seal" kit. They are less than $50 bucks and you can repair over 50 holes with one. Same thing dealers and tire places use and it pays for itself on the first repair.

I took my wifes car into the dealer for a warranty repair on the Tire Pressue Sensor module and it turned out one sensor was bad and another tire had 3 screws in it. They wanted $335 to replace the tire. Seriously, for that much money I could almost replace all 4 tires. I said no thanks, took it home and in 10 minutes had the screws out, the plugs in place and tire back on her car.

Great choice on the M1A mags. I only get them from 44mag. I now have 10 for my M1A Scout I picked up last month and finally got to shoot on Friday. LOVE the rifle.

theotherryan said...

Vinosaurus, I will look into that. Been thinking that a full sized spare would be a good idea. Got a rim and a tire that can use somework now. Thanks, For wanting a military spec item an NSN is a darn good sign and the price is hard to beat. I can use a few more, as well as a rifle to go with them.

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