Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Are YOUR Goals

I talk about my goals a lot. I talk about how I decide what they are, working through them as well as when they change or I strait up fail to meet them. It is sort of a way for me to organize my thoughts and goals as well as just chronicling my life.

What are your goals?

I am talking bigger and longer term stuff than the normal weekly life. Maybe you want to get a new significant piece of kit, a gun, pay off debt, get training, really get cranking into food storage or who whose what else.

I am interested in getting to know a little bit more about you and where you want to go. Also this might help spur some new posts on those subjects.


Anonymous said...

1.) pay off dwelling (almost done)
2.) pay off used car (almost done)
3.) understand micro-finance/household finance more (very difficult for me since I'm very bad with numbers)
4.) really figure out how to grow veggies in Topsy Turvy containers, plant containers, and other non-traditional gardeny thing-a-ma-gigs
5.) make more concrete plans in case Hubby loses job (what state will we move to, will we sell our home or rent it, etc.)
6.) learn more about rabbitry (care, housing, breeding, etc.)
7.) learn more about sewing clothes
8.) write the book Hubby and I want to write
9.) go to Europe to see forts along French border and other WW2 sites (!!!)


Joseph said...

Our main goal is to develop ways to not be tied to our current resource rich system. We continue to reduce our dependency on abundant electrical and fossil fuels.

- Food: continue to expand on growing our own food to feed not only us but our animals, no longer dependent on animal feed or groceries purchased from stores.
- Clothing: continue to search the garage sales and auctions for an older non-electric sewing machine and build up a decent inventory of fabrics.
- Health alternative: my wife is working towards becoming Master Herbalist.
- Health: In motion, get back into fighting shape with the hope of not having to fight ;)

Jennie said...

1) pay off car and student loan debt.
2) pay off car and student loan debt.

oh and
3) buy some wheat berries and a grinder and figure out how to get from that to flour of baking quality.

4) someday be justified in the eyes of my family, who seem to think I'm slipping into madness.

Ryan said...

Jennie, I am right there with you on student loan debt. Hopefully you were able to finish a degree that helped increase your earning power so paying back those loans is a bit less painful.

As for the fam seeing me as not being crazy I gave up long ago.

chadow10 said...

We are paying off debt and looking at land. Wife has a seperate account that auto-drafts x number of dollars seperate from our regular account. She has her bills that are being paid off. I have the other bills, spending money and groceries and such. Her account has no variables, no birtdays, no options. It just goes towards said goals. Mine is tight to the smoking point but has to get us "through" the month.

I buy a 5 gallon water container, beans, bullets, batteries, and rice when we have extra.

Out goals this year are:
1. settle water worries
2. buy a generator
3. pay off everything but student loans and the house.
4. start saving for land and a new house.
5. Get our house ready to sell (lots of things to do)
6. Get a bedside pistol safe (kids present)
7. buy a one month emergency ration kit (= 1 week per family member)

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