Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a good week for us. We got a great deal on a bunch of knives and machetes. Also we went and finished the New Years Resolutions in terms of Glock and M1A mags. Finally feeling pretty good about the overall magazine situation. Also reading books on Afghanistan which is a prep of sorts. Doing some workouts in my spare time which if not a perfect program is better than nothing.

What did you do to prepare this week?


Mayberry said...

Harvested the garden, put up produce, got an eye problem checked out.

Anonymous said...

Purchased another 800 watt backup generator & 45 watt solar panel system with 1200 watt inverter. Most all my electronics are EMP protected now. Bought more bulk canned goods, cooking oil, toilet paper & paper towels. Completed my will & power of attorney, ashamed it wasn’t completed earlier. I finally bought a “droid incredible” cell phone, great survival tool, providing u have cell service. Great maps, gps, compass & other apps; obviously cant depending upon it. My list is doing well, may achieve my short term goals in a few months. I was searching property, but nothing too affordable or convenient. Have access to others properties, but desire my own. Have property three states away but not easily accessible if needed quickly.

Jennie said...

Started a flashlight round up, trying to get a handle on how many not-broken flashlights are in the house and how the battery stores are for them.

:-( Got laughed at by my husband for wanting to talk about emergency plans for EMPs. "why don't we plan for the second coming while we're at it!" *sigh*

Bubblehead Les. said...

Planted some Jerusalem Artichokes, restocked the freezer, went over the wife's buggout gear in her vehicle when it came back from the mechanic( she's driving to New England for week with the in-laws).

Jennie: Tell your hubby that you plan on putting a flashlight by every phone in your house. When he asks why, you just tell him that one thing you can always find in a blackout is the phone because THE PHONE DOESN'T MOVE! And if the phone doesn't move, why should emergency flashlights? If he said that's silly, then ask him why he doesn't keep the spare tire on his driver seat, since it's a lot easier to get to it when you're sitting on it when you have a flat rather than rummaging through the trunk. P.S. Tell him you got that tip about the flashlights from an old Sailor who served on 2 different FBM Submarines whose job was to do Nuclear Warfare if called upon and yes, EMP is a realistic threat, especially if the Iranians get the Bomb. Hope this helps.

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