Saturday, July 10, 2010

quote of the day

"Your country needs you Logan"-Striker
"I am Canadian"- Logan

I enjoy those easy going beer loving folks up north.  If they had better gun laws I would seriously consider moving up there. Yeah they have socialized medical care but we are headed that way at a dead sprint anyway. To their credit the Canadians managed to avoid the whole sovereign debt issue because their banks stayed out of the derivative and bail out madness.


Tattoo Jim said...

I would have to agree with you on this... IF they changed their draconian gun laws, I would seriously consider heading North !!!

Bitmap said...

Having us as a next door neighbor means they can save some on their military spending.

Anonymous said...

My mother's family are Canadian so I have familial contact and can say that Canadians are a docile,conformist, obediant lot. I don't think you would fit in there. Neither would I , even though I have spent much of my time there. Canadians do not read this type of blog because they would find it "upsetting".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:37 - you're an idiot.

Bitmap – learn some history.

Tattoo Jim – the laws are a royal pain in the ass, but it is not the end of the world. What we can’t get here are some of the more exotic and sexy firearms, but that still leaves plenty on the table to choose from.

Macumazahn said...

I am Canadian and I read this blog.

It is true that Canadians tend to be less outspoken than people from the US. It's a big country and there are lots of different kinds of people up here. The worst of the socialists are in Quebec and southern Ontario along with the worst of the anarchists.

The gun laws are a problem but the real issue is that the de facto truth is we are not allowed to protect ourselves. It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon in Canada - period. A nonsense law like that can't be enforced consistently so what really happens changes from day to day and street to street.

There is a strong gun lobby in Canada; they just aren't strong enough yet. Heller/McDonald are steps forward for you folks. I hope that trend continues so we have some chance of making changes up here.

Your beer has gotten a lot better, though.

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