Monday, September 13, 2010

Home Brewing Day 1

Day one took place about a week after day zero. The yeast had finally done its thing and was ready to participate in the whole venture. So it was finally time to make some beer.

To start off I sanitized everything. The kit I got came with some solution but you can do the same thing with some bleach and hot water.  Anyway getting everything clean is real important. I then poured four gallons of water into my giant brewing pot. Put the stove on high and waited. Then I waited some more. After that I waited for awhile. It took like an hour and twenty minutes to get the water to boil. In hindsight either putting the water into 2 or 3 pots to get the initial boil or purchasing a turkey fryer to speed things up would be smart.

So after a long time and a delightful Chimay beer the water finally boiled. At this point I added the malt and the sugar stirring them in well. After the re boil I waited five minutes and then put in the first batch of hops. The brew boiled for 50 minutes and I added the second batch of hops. After the wort had boiled for an hour it was time to cool it. I quickly discovered that my kitchen sink did not have sufficient space to hold enough cold water to cool 4 gallons of wort. I grabbed the pot and took it to the bathtub and filled it with 8 inches or so of cold water. It had sufficient mass to cool the wort.

Once the wort was cooled to 85 degrees I poured it into the fermenter. I took the fermenter and put it in a cool dark place then cleaned up. That ended day one.

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will said...

Good luck with your beer - homebrewing is great fun, and with a little bit of effort you can brew really good beer. Where did you get your 4 gallon kit from? All the extract kits I've bought (from my LBS) called for 5 gallons, and will usually bottle up around 48-50 12oz bottles.

I couple of key process points that have helped my beer - control fermentation temperature, holding as close as possible to 68 degrees. This elimates the off flavors the yeast produces at higher temps, even in the 70's. I don't boil my wort but for the last 15 minutes or so, I hold the brewpot temp to 150, or as close as possible, for 45 minutes with the malt extract in it, and only bring to a boil for the last 15 minutes when I add the hops.

Only brewing 2.5 gallons of water has worked well for me, adding the remaining room temp water to the wort after brewing helps cool it. When pitching the yeast (dry) I just sprinkle it on top of the wort and don't agitate in like a lot of recipes call for.

I use Iodophor as a sanitizer, I used to used bleach but was afraid the chlorine would get into the plastic and give the beer an off taste.

Someday I hope to try an all grain recipe, but that requires more time and effort than I have right now.

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