Monday, November 1, 2010

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I did a few things this week. Replaced my worn out sleeping mat with a new one. Seeing as I got it surplus at 13 or so and have used it regularly since I would say I got my dad's money's worth. Also had to replace my EDC knife. Through no fault of my own my Cold Steel folder left my presence during the last field rotation. Still fuming about it. Anyway I bit the bullet and replaced it.

Also took delivery of a nice new ACOG which I am really excited about. We went through our car bag and made sure it has what we want it to have. Got to make sure the stuff is current and fits your goals. Been plugging away on The Long Emergency and should finish it this week.

We got to watch Suze Orman yesterday which was pretty nice. Talking and thinking about money together in a relaxing setting is a positive way for us to air any issues we may have and  get rejuvenated about meeting our goals. Things are going well along those lines. Another paycheck and another principal payment closer to being debt free.

Got all caught up on email as well as reading and various other blog stuff. If you sent me an email and haven't heard something by now it was probably lost in the sauce so you might want to send it again. 

What did you do to prepare this week?


Rick in CO said...

Canned some more tomatoes. Went down to Sam's Club and loaded up on staples including 50lb bag of rice and some canned goods. Wife and I are looking at dehydrating. We picked up a big slab of pork loin. Going to freeze part of it and jerky part. Started turning over the garden area. Winter is coming so need to break out the kerosene heater and get it checked out.

Simon said...

Last Week i emptied out a rented storage compartment and moved the stored stuff to a basement owned by my family, thereby reducing my expenses by almost 200€/month. The week before that i started my stash of PMs. And besides having started on a higher education my project this winter is getting a sporting license for a pistol in 22lr, most likely a Walther GSP or a Unique, i may apply for a license in march at the earliest. Another year on i will apply for a 9mm and thereafter for a 357 or 44 and a .45, unfortunately all on sporting license as we have utterly draconian licensing laws on firearms in Sweden. The one good thing about our firearms laws is that every gunowner is well trained in use of firearms and in firearms safety.

Michael said...

Didn't do too much. Went for a nice long hike (7 or 8 miles), the extra exercise was both needed and nice. Thanks to the hike, I discovered that at least one pair of my wool socks need tossed out (they get turned into polishing rags.).

I've carried a Swiss Army knife on my keychain for at least the last decade. I don't see how people can make it though the day without a pocket knife.

Anonymous said...

We are actively looking for a job in another state for Hubby. We are fed up with our current state and are now willing to "vote with our feet". Because of the recent election our state has completely been run over by democrats from top to bottom. It's terrifying. TIME TO MOVE!!!!! Prayers, chants, positive thoughts, special dances, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Sam, becoming disillusioned and disenchanted in the trailer park

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