Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

We had a pretty darn good preparedness week. First we went and got a bunch of extra formula for Walker which was really good. We already had a stash but now it is a pretty solid stash. Next I put a small Gerber folding knife onto my keychain. I just about always carry a knife anyway but knowing that if I am out of the house I have at least one knife won't hurt. Next time I go to the clothing and sales I will get a small led light to go on there also.

After a lot of consideration I decided that instead of getting body armor at this point I am going to take care of a couple things that have been on the list for a long time and a couple recent additions to the list that we can just really use. I ordered a Bianchi 100 Professional IWB holster for my Glock 19. I really wanted a good holster for it to carry while I am home on leave. I have holsters (full sized Glock size) that fit the 19 but not perfectly. The difference between a real good fit and an OK fit is readily apparant in concealed carry.

When it comes to ancillary equipment for my AK I have been way off of my own desired levels (for a rifle like this 3k roounds and 20 mags) for a long time. For awhile it wasn't really even on the radar and after that it has been towards the bottom of the list. It has been on the list for awhile now and the ammo was even on this years New Years Resolutions or at least the first round of them. I should also be able to get a full case of 9mm JHP ammo by years end.  So I went ahead and ordered a case of 7.62x39 JHP Wolf ammo and 10 Eastern European surplus mags to round things out. I will go home and toss that stuff into an ammo can and aside from picking up a couple boxes now and then to go shooting not need to think about it.

Also I went out and ordered a brand new ECWS 3 Piece Sleep System. Now both Wifey and I have one. We have a couple other sleeping bags floating around but these things are a really good piece of kit.

I feel relieved to have the AK setup finally meet my own rather ambitious standards. Especially given that AK stuff is almost universally imported it gives me a lot of peace of mind to know I have a comfortable amount of ammo and plenty of mags put away. Before I had enough mags and some ammo for me to use but not much of a margin for field loss or helping a friend. Now I have that margin. Having another serious sleeping bag coming into the inventory is sure a good feeling.

I am going to let our Awesome Ammo Giveaway Contest go for a few more days as technological issues and life have put it, despite my best intentions, a bit onto the back burner. Seriously it amazes me how many people will gripe and complain about how expensive ammo is and how they can't afford it but won't put forth a little bit of effort to get a solid chance at willing a half case of the stuff for free. If you don't own any of the calibers you could stand to win (9/40/45) then enter anyway and sell or trade the stuff and buy something you want.

Also if you want extra special reader points (redeamable for all kinds of great prizes and trips) then please mention this blog to a friend, family member, gun buddy or like minded individual. Send them a link to your favorite post or just the blog itself or tell them our name and let them look us up on google.

I have some awesome stuff in store for next week so stay tuned. Got one in my head about staple cooking. Another one about chest rigs and gear. Maybe one about knives too. Probably something or another about money or home finances. Best of all you just might hear from Wifey.


Commander_Zero said...

Y'know, I went ahead and scored two of the sleep systems for me and the missus and after palying around with them I am quite pleased. I set one out in the yard when the temp dipped below freezing and spent the night out there...worked great. You do need to be wearing a base layer of polypro or something to get the full effect, but Im liking what I see so far. I'll probably stuff these into a 40mm can and keep them in the truck over the winter.

The bags are probably more practical, in the sense of what are you more likely to use first, than the body armour but dont be too quick to shuffle the armour to the bottom of the to-get list.

Anonymous said...

We are working everyday to get out of this socialistic liberal hell hole. I can't tell you the amount of hours we have spent researching companies and filling out job applications. Hubby has a phone interview next week.

Sam, in the socialistic liberal hell hole

Ryan said...

CZ, Yeah. I rarely find myself sleeping in a bag outside below freezing nekid. More of a long underoos and watchcap situation.

Body Armor is probably on the horizon in the next 6 months and certainly the year. Figured I would think a bit more about what I want for a little while is all.

Sam, Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I added quite a bit to our pantry. I also grabbed long johns for the boys in bigger sizes which I may hold and give at Christmas in their "something to wear" box. I also ordered them bigger ski bibs which are fabulous for them just playing out side and not getting so many clothes wet and dirty.

I ordered quite a few rechargeable batteries.

Ordered some cardboard can rotators that seem really COOL and I could get 8 for the cost of 1 of the plastic ones.

I also bought a Wondermill Jr. grain mill.

And silver....

It was quite a prepper week :)


Anonymous said...

Dont forget spare parts for your AK.

Michael said...

This last week was week one of what will hopefully be a two week process of getting me off caffeine. After 20 years of being a heavy coffee drinker caffeine withdrawals are quite debilitating and at this point coffee's more of a habit than anything. A habit that I'll get ill if I don't indulge in. I decided that now would be a good time for me to quit. Much better to do it now instead if WTSHTF.

I've switched from coffee to black tea, I still get to have the hot liquids, but with a lot less caffeine and this week I'll, slowly, start replacing the back tea with herbal teas. Hopefully, in another week, I'll be caffeine free without too many headaches.

tjbbpgobIII said...

I would love to hear your reasons or justifications for using a chest rig. Experience has taught me that anything between me and the ground is coming off my body.

suek said...



I think most teas are higher in caffeine than coffee is. Of course, it's probably easier to go from black tea to herbal teas for gradual "withdrawal", since the alternative is pretty much coffee-no coffee.

Watch out for "hidden" caffeine, though, if you think caffeine is your problem. I'm not sure how you check for it - I don't think I've ever seen it on labeling.

I drink too much coffee, but it's habitual rather than necessary. I've never had a problem with headaches when coffee wasn't available, but have had an "empty hand" syndrome while on the computer...!

TJ Jackson said...

Good luck with getting off the caffeine. I had to do it a few years back and it took awhile.

Shooting said...

I don't mind being the only contestant for the ammo giveaway. Just send it on over and I'll put it to use in my wife's berand spanking new Ruger SR9c! lol

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