Friday, December 31, 2010

Range Report Two

Took Bro In Law to the range today. It was also just kind of my 'do some training and break the cobwebs off some stuff because I am back home' day. Took the Glock 19, the AK, my Browning Buckmark and the Springfield 1903. The following events occured:

-Couldn't find any 7.62x39 ammo in the two places we drove by. No biggie, just took a few boxes from the stash and mentally allocated money to replace it on my next order.

-Picked up all the stuff and headed out. Realized we didn't have hearing protection and stopped at a hardware store. Ended up with a big box of the disposable ones instead of just enough for today. Realized we didn't have any targets so I got a case of cheap soda to shoot at the store. Realized I can use a dedicated range bag. Something to keep hearing protection, targets, a few mags, etc in all the time. Just add guns and ammo and I will be good to shoot. Since I won't be shooting again for awhile this isn't a hugely pressing issue but I will add it to the list.

-Got to the range and laid everything out. Put on hearing protection, loaded Springfield and pulled trigger, hit target and cycled bolt then pulled the trigger again, nothing happened so I cycled bolt to see if it hit the primer, nothing came out and the chamber was empty. Said a dirty word. Pull bolt back and try again, it doesn't seem to go back far enough to catch the round in the magazine. Said a dirty word. Fiddled with safety and took bolt out of gun. Put bolt back in and it then picked up a round, pulled trigger and hit target, repeat 2x including curse words. Decide the problem will not be immediately corrected and I will mess with it later. Curse more and move onwards. On the plus side it shoots but on the down side it won't feed. It looks like the mag portion is working fine and the bolt just won't go back the last fraction of an inch to grab the round. So that was kind of a big sad face. Any ideas?

-Get Bro In Law shooting. Help and coach as necessary.

-Take out Browning Buckmark. Shoot it. Man I wish they made a mag for that thing which held more bullets. Bringing the .22 pistol was a great idea. They are really the only gun which an average guy can afford to take to the range and shoot until he is bored. Always coming from now on when I shoot pistols.

-Shoot Glock. Practice rapidly drawing from my concealed carry setup and shooting controlled pairs. Repeat at various distances and practice transitioning from one target to another. Shoot a couple rounds further out.

-Alternate between the Glock and the Browning. Fun times and good practice ensue.

-Shoot AK. The more I am shooting it the more I am enjoying that gun. Simple, reliable, pleasant to shoot and (reasonably) accurate. It doesn't jam and will shoot dirt cheap ammo all day long.

-See a guy with an AK that had one of those side folding wire type stocks. Decide I should ask how he likes it. I catch them as they are just about to leave and ask how he likes it. He said he really liked it. He then took it out of the bag and let me fiddle with it. I too liked it. Asked where he got it and he said one source tactical. It also had a grip they sell which he strongly suggested I get also. I know where my next $100 or so of gun  money is going.

- We shot some more. Bro In Law was a quick learner. Taught him to load and clear manfunctions and all that good stuff. He greatly improved at pistols over the course of the range day and just plain did well with the AK. Right before it was time to leave I did a couple mags of deliberate fire at 100 meters with the Glock. We used to always finish that way. I did it this time both for tradition and because it is a good idea to know how my carry piece shoots at distance. After a couple mags I have the answer. It would be generous to call my grouping minute of man but it was much tighter than minute of SUV. I will call it minute of fat man.

-It was time to leave. We picked up the last of the brass, did a quick inventory to make sure we had all the mags and stuff and left. We ran out of time before ammunition but that was OK. It is always one or the other.

I was disappointed with the Springfield and there is just no way around that. However this is why test fires are important. At the range this was lame but at the end of the day not a big deal. An issue like this while hunting could mean a missed opportunity or worse a wounded animal getting away. In a defensive situation the stakes would be far higher. On the bright side I have some redundancy and worst case this isn't a core weapon anyway.

All things considered it was a good range day.


Anonymous said...

Possibly on the Springfield, the magazine lever is in the wrong position. At the left rear end of the receiver is a lever marked "ON" and "OFF". You remove the bolt with the lever in between the two positions. Lever must be showing "ON" for the bolt to come back far enough to pick up a cartridge from the magazine.

This a hold over from the single-shot rifle days when the a$$-hats in charge did not trust troops armed with magazine fed weapons to not waste ammunition. Some of the original (not re-finished) levers had a bright polished surface on one side of the lever so NCO's could tell at a distance which position the lever was in. With lever in "OFF" position, troops could load and fire single rounds, holding the loaded magazine in reserve for cavalry charges, etc. The Krag rifle was similiarly equipped, although bolt removal was different.

I've gotten confused about this myself. If that isn't it, I have no idea.


Anonymous said...

On the 1903 there is a lever on the left of the receiver that says Off/On Flip it up to the on position. :o)

Bitmap said...

That is a M1903 Springfield? It has a magazine cutoff controlled by a little lever on the left side of the receiver. This was designed so soldiers would use it as a single shot to conserve ammo and have a mag fed repeater if they faced a mass threat up close.

Flip the lever and I suspect all will be fine.

Anonymous said...

I highly suggest you look into some electronic ear muffs. They make a world of difference. Especially if you take any course where you receive instruction they are nice. After checking mine out, all my shooting buddies have bought a set.

Anonymous said...

You'd probably sell that disappointing 30-06 pretty cheap wouldn't you?

It's pretty complicated what with the bolt and its 3 piece firing pin and that lever thing on the side with "Off and On" stamped on it. Makes you load 'em single shot if you got it in the "Off" position. The War Department thought that was a good feature back in them days when they didn't have to worry about zombies.

You can probably trade it at a gun show, if you got a lot of boot, and then you can buy you another AK or such.

Good shooting,
Mountain rifleman

Ryan said...

To All, I am almost positive you nailed it. Thanks a lot. I am tenatively glad that is figured out.

Mountain Rifleman, That is something to consider.

Michael said...

Thought I'd pass along a video that show how you might be the best driver in the world, but you're still at the mercy of the worst! The video's long, but don't miss between the 5.00-7.00 marks.

Time to bug in, even if that means staying in your car overnight!

Anonymous said...

You won't have any problem swapping it. There aren't too many Marines left from Guadalcanal days where the 1st Marine Division snipers used the '03 Springfields against the Japs, but there are many out there, and not just Marines, that will jump at the chance to own your rifle. Particularly if the bore is decent and it mics .3085 or less at the bore.

Mountain rifleman

Ryan said...

Mountain Rifleman, I am in consideration mode on that one.

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