Friday, January 14, 2011

Got AK Stock?

I am looking for a Romanian side folding stock for my AK. The wire looking one that you can just screw on. Ideally with a lever instead of a button. One Source Tactical used to carry them but don't have them in stock. I tried to get one through Gun Broker but their site hates me. Guns of America doesn't seem to have any either.

If anyone has one they would like to sell or knows a current source for them please help me out.



tbtravis said...

I have one with a butt pad I will sell for $50.


Anonymous said...

I have seen some reasonable on gunbroker or try

Namenlos said...

Ouch, nowhere to be found not even the EG ones, which will also work. May want to go with a K-Var one even though it is not the same style. I just say that in case push comes to shove. The only other thing would be to stay ontop of the various forums and their E&E pages.

Ryan said...

Tom, Awesome! My email is Please either leave your email addy in a comment or send me a message.

Anonymous said...

You're going to like it, added one to my WASR-10 and it sure is handy. Fits handily in a surplus U.S. M60 barrel bag.

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