Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011

I am doing things a bit differently this year. Breaking goals down Suze Orman style by people, money then things seems to be a good way of categorization. Some goals are going to be conducted consecutively. For things I took a stab at prioritization.

1. Maximize family time. I think spending at least a hour of good undivided family time a day is doable on all but the longest work days. More on weekends.

2. Take better care of myself. I need to work on getting at least 6 hours of sleep even when I get off work late. Also I need to eat more regularly (I have started to get busy and just not eat) and like most people could also consume more green stuff. Find a suplimentary (to regular PT) exercise program that I can really stick with. I got busy and this goal sort of ebbed/ flowed and then just slipped away over the past year. I'm not in bad shape but could definitely be in better shape.

3. Better prioritize tasks and be more efficient.

4. Become debt free- Should be done in by the end of March

5. Fully fund ROTH IRA's for Wifey and I.

6. Add at least $500 (ideally $1,000) to our emergency fund.

7. Buy some silver. It is somewhat flexible but am leaning toward 90% coinage. I hesitate to say an exact amount because as I noted last year price swings change those goals from being realistic to unattainable.

8. Start funding Walkers college education.

Of course we will also continue to not make stupid choices.

Skills and Education

9. Study insurgent/ guerilla/ partisan tactics. This has the added benefit of being 'red hat' stuff for work.

10. Get better at first aid/ trauma stuff.

11. Shave with a straight razor. Sharpen it also. (implied task, get a straight razor)

12. Work on making antennas for world band radio’s and tuning into a variety of stations around the world.

13. Get better at using Excell. Particularly writing formulas to get the most out of what the program is capable of. This will help me with work, blog stuff, preps and life.

14. Learn more about IED construction, emplacement and use.

15. Read a couple of significant books. I wouldn't say classic but but old, noteable type stuff. In particular Edward Gibbon's The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is on my list.

Alternates- Skills are an area where things seem more prone to changing due to factors beyond my control. I decided to come up with a few alternatives against that scenario.

Get better at making flat bread

Learn some HTLM

Get better with Powerpoint


Family/ Life:
16. Probably going to purchase another vehicle. A fairly low mile mid sized SUV with a decent sized 6 cylinder engine (3.5Lish or above) and 4WD. It goes without saying that we  will pay cash.

Prep Stuff:

I did a couple of things differently here. I broke stuff down by category. Also if you notice there are numbers after the goals. Those numbers are a tenative plan on what order I will acquire this stuff.

Force Protection Stuff-

17. 1x bullet proof vest. Probably class II or IIIA concealable type-2

18. 3x gas masks-9

Firearm Stuff-

19. Folding stock for my AK and a US palm grip-1

20. 500 rounds of .38 special-5.1

21. 500 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot-5.3

22. 1 case 7.62x39 hollow points-5.2

23. AK spare parts-11

24. Buy more mags. In particular a few more Glock happy sticks and a half dozen each for the AR and AK. I am not in a bad place but if I happen to have a couple extra C notes lying around in the late fall this is where they will go- 12

Food and Water-

25. 4x Berkley black filters-3

26. 1x Katadyn replacement filter-7

27. Nice solar oven-4

Energy and communication-

28. Bigger and better solar trickle charger (folding mat type)-10

29. Compact world band radio-6


30. Get 2 spare Cold Steel folding knives (my EDC) and a leatherman for a rainy day-8

What are your thoughts about my goals? Do you have goals? If so would you like to share them in a comment or a guest post?


irishdutchuncle said...

always a good idea to break a big job down, into small chunks.

be careful you don't cut off anything important(like your ear) with that straight razor. there's a reason they invented safety razors...
(shaving became an everyday thing during WW1, so that gas masks would seal better)
once my fancy triple blades run out, i'm going back to old fashoned double edge blades,(they still make them) or i'll try to get a handle for single edge blades. (hard to find)

George in AZ said...

What Irishdutchuncle said. I taught myself to shave with a straight razor, and did so for about two years. Closest shave EVER! (with a BIC, I must shave in the AM, and again in the PM to look
'presentable' - no shadow)
With a straight razor, I only had to shave every other day!! The down side was razor/face prep and time shaving, from maybe 7 minutes with a Bic, to 45 with a straight razor - including steaming towels for face, etc.

travis said...

What kind of folder did you have in mind for the AK?

TEOTWAWKI Blog said...

I've had a good straight razor shave once in my life (barber), and it was amazing. By far closest shave I've ever had.

My goals this year including getting better at long range shooting and learning how to sharpen knives to an arm-hair shaving edge.

travis said...

What kind of folding stock are you looking for?

Chris said...

Re your investment goals:

- Walker's Education: I'd suggest looking seriously at 529 plans. They have some substantial tax savings, especially dependent on your state of residence. You can invest in a plan from any state, by the way -- if there's no state tax benefits (and you shouldn't be paying state income taxes, anyways) then pick one with the lowest expense ratio.
- IRAs: Consider putting a few points of your salary into TSP. TSP offers extremely low expenses which is great. With the 2% social security tax holiday in 2011 you could put 1-2% into TSP and never notice it.
- ROTH IRAs: You might want to look at the Bogleheads website for ideas on tax efficient investing (

As a side note, how many mags do you think is enough for handguns?

Good luck!

Chris from AK

Suburban Survivalist said...

What range do you feel you can engage with using your AK? I've had a couple (crappy one sold, sweet one stolen), but when my brothers and I considered what carbine to standardize on most of what we read was that the AK isn't very effective past 150-200 yards. Or are you more concerned with having a more powerful round than 5.56?

I picked up a newer model (580 series) Mini-14 late last year and we put it through the paces over Christmas. Practically no difference between scope/irons at 100 yards (making soda cans dance), and decent grouping at 300 yards (scoped). The updated Mini fixed the accuracy issues. But that's just one carbine and we haven't purchased more, yet.

Ryan said...

Travis, I am looking for one of the side folding Romanian ones.

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