Tuesday, February 15, 2011

.223 vs 12 Guage and Pistol Penetration On Inside Walls

Read this. Turns out that maybe you are better off with a rifle in terms of penetration in addition to round capacity and other factors. The kind of heavy shot that actually stops people (not to rehash another myth but at more than a few feet birdshot is for birds) blows through typical residential inner walls. I wish they had brought something in 7.62x39 along too.  Edited a few minutes afterwords to include. Turns out somebody did test 7.62x39 Wolf FMJ's. I suspect 7.62x39 JHP or SP ammo would have more managed penetration.

Food for thought.


GardenSERF said...

I looked at both of those. Thanks for posting.

-Sepp said...

.308 will go through TWO walls! I conducted the experiment myself in an abandoned house.

russell1200 said...

A lot depends on the ammunition use. The TAP round they used is generally sold as a home defense round, and there is a police TAP that is almost a varmint round it breaks up so quickly. But there are also police-version barrior penetrating rounds. As far as I know the only commonality with TAP is the low flash powder to reduce night blinding. I don't think they are always telling you enough to clearly tell what is what.

However, I think it is fairly clear that a general statement that projectiles from fire arms go through sheetrock would be accurate.

CTone said...

Thanks for the link!

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