Thursday, February 17, 2011

Entitlements and Gender Roles; Alternate Title How To Upset Every Reader In A Single Post

This morning I was able to watch the news while doing some cardio which is something I enjoy now and then. The topic of entitlements was big this morning on the news. It has become abundantly clear to me that, even in this typically open and rational venue entitlements are a topic on which a rational conversation cannot be had.

We are at or past the point where it is becoming abundantly clear to any rational person that the numbers do not work. Unfortunately we are long past the point where there are easy, gradual and relatively painless options to make them work. The window in which there are viable options with only moderately painful and economically damaging outcomes is probably closing fast. I fear that by the time we are willing to make genuine moves to deal with this problem things will be at the point where there are few, if any (likely just choosing who gets the shortest end) choices left. You would be well advised to think about how this could play out and prepare for what you see coming.

Patrice over at Rural Revolution has been talking about gender roles for awhile. It is my observation that pretty much everyone wants to pick and choose among different traits to get some sort of a hybrid that suits their desires. The normal life part of this is just finding a mate that suits us and figuring out a division of labor that suits both parties. However sometimes the hypocrisy is so problematic or blatant that it is worth talking about. It pretty much goes without saying that feminists think they should be able to do whatever they want but men should act in certain ceremonal ways. For example I would wager a hundred dollars that if I was in a car driving down the highway with four feminists on a cold stormy night and a tire blew out it's this guy that would change it. Furthermore if my feminist buddies and I got to our destination, went to sleep and woke up at 3am to a wierd loud noise in the living room I bet it would be me going to investigate. Now it is time to take a crack at us guys.

Many men want to have our cake and eat it too. We live a lifestyle (wives do of course have a role in this too) that requires most women to work full time outside of the home but still expect them to be homemakers. Somehow they are supposed to keep the house clean and tidy as well as cooking dinner and numerous other tasks. We wonder why the house is a bit messy, dinner is some pre packaged junk and kids are poorly behaved. The answer is that instead of taking care of that stuff, cooking a good meal and raising kids they are at work and kids are in daycare 50 hours a week.

If there is anybody I haven't upset just know your state smells bad and the local sports team is a bunch of whimps.

Have a good day


Chris said...

Re entitlements:
You may find some of Megan McArdle's recent posts interesting.

Her opinion is similar to yours. Frankly, a lot of states and local governments seem to be in over their heads already--it may be too late for them. Alaska got rid of their guaranteed defined benefit pension plan a few years ago and it was probably just in the nick of time, and we're sitting on a big fat bag of oil money. States that don't have such sizable reserves and that are STILL promising lucrative pensions to public sector workers are continuing to floor the accelerator even though they've already launched off the cliff.

Obamacare will help some -- all the local governments can dump their medical coverage for employees and dump all those workers onto federally subsidized "exchanges," which will be funded by Magic Money from somewhere else (no longer the local city's problem!). But it doesn't solve the pension mess.

Chris from AK

tjbbpgobIII said...


Anonymous said...

Reference bad smells and sports teams, I find my happy fanny stuck in a relatively flat midwestern state full of cattle feed lots, and the local sports team is the Kansas City Chiefs. Were you by some chance speaking to me? Not that it matters, the truth really doesn't hurt that much. No offense, none taken, etc. etc.


Anonymous said...

There was a post a coupla days ago on Mayberry's KISS blog that made some very good points. One of them was that people nowadays do not know or care to have to do with less. They want their cake NOW, and are willing to put themselves in debt to the hilt to attain it NOW.

And everyone is plugged in, especially kids. Play outside - are you insane? Its COLD outside. Besides, Grand Theft Auto is better than basketball . . .

Everyone is going to expect a bailout if (when?) the ax falls. And of course, its never their fault - the bank repossessed the McMansion or the Beamer or whatever, never mind they really shouldn't have purchased it in the 1st place.

A hard rain is going to fall is all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Didn't upset me. Early on in our 43 year marriage gender roles were clearly defined. Anything that needed muscle power, mechanical ability or height was his, most anything else was mine.

Not to say I couldn't do the stuff he does, it's just easier for him to do it. To dust the ceiling fan I have to drag out the ladder from the garage and the long handled duster - he just gets the long handled duster. Planting seeds with his big fingers? Easier with my smaller slender fingers. Changing a tire - yes I can and have - takes him half the time because of his strength.

Regardless of gender - make your life work within your parameters.

Anonymous said...

We have completely abandoned any common sense of gender roles in the military and elsewhere. We have a story yesterday of an attractive blond reporter being attacked by Egyptian men during a near riot. We also have the story of female service women suing for harrassment and assaults in far away isolated posts. No matter what your level of political correctness, it must be clear that women should never have been placed in such circumstances.


Bryce said...

That's it. I'm offended. My whole state doesn't smell like that.

Angela said...

How did you know about our local sports team? Actually, I don't keep up with sports, so I'll just agree with you on that one--they probably are wimps.

You make some good points here. Definitely agree with mom staying home with the kids even if it compromises the size of house we live in or what cars we drive. The only way to get your kids raised how you want them is to do it yourself. I loved knowing that if I got sick at school or needed something, my mom was just a phone call away and she'd come take care of it. No anxiety. Now doing the same for my own kids and loving it. The relationship you can build with your kids if you are there for them just can't be built any other way.

Lamb said...

Didn't upset me a bit!
Also, about 20 years ago, I was 9 months pregnant. One week from having a child.
I got a flat tire.
Across the street from a factory (mainly male work force) at shift change time.
I changed the tire myself, start to finish, because NOT ONE MAN stopped to assist me.
About 2 years ago, I was managing a rooming house. Strange noise in the night, I got up to check it out. 7 men lived in that building and heard the same noise.
I ended up in a literal fist fight with an individual attempting to break in. A 53 yr. old woman against a younger, stronger opponent. Fortunately, my (female) dog rose to the occasion and ripped the intruders leg to shreds while I slammed a door on the intruders arm with enough force to break two places. My son did show up with the shotgun (after I screamed for it), but by then the fight was basically over.

Thank you, feminists, for making so many men out there believe that women need no assistance. Thank you, political correctness for turning many men into feminized cowards and sniveling weaklings.

AM said...

My wife and I made plans to specifically make sure she could be a stay at home mom. The loss of her income is replaced by something priceless.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! So close! I'm glad we hear so much about entitlements-people are finaly getting fed up with supplying their hard earned dollars so other can live better than they do!
I read Patrice at RR and agree with her. My wife works full time-at HOME. We made the decision a long time ago that it was better to have one adult full time at home to raise the children.
I live in Ohio and regarding the sports teams your plan to upset me failed miserably! Touche!

Anonymous said...

I"ll have you know not a single professional sport team from Hawaii has ever lost a national championship. You need to more carefully edit those pre full moon posts of yours. I am so bereft of my dignity I think I will self medicate with a martini before I enter the frigid ocean for my sunset swim.

suek said...

Heh. Facts is facts.

It's the kids that bother me most. I can't imagine going through 9 months of pregnancy, going through the pain of birth, and then handing the results of same to some stranger to raise. And yet we do (society generally, does). Who are the people who do the child care? Our best and brightest? Nuh-uh. They're typically among our lowest paid people. But this is who is raising our future generation. Incredible.

Raising children is about as exciting as watching paint dry - but what else is there in life, when you come down to it?

(Disclaimer: I'm one of the older generation, who got a start on life before all the moms and wives went to work instead of staying home.)

Anonymous said...

nice one ryan; gonna have to try harder to upset.thanks delr

AKmamaOf6 said...

My husband and I have certainly struggled over this, and I mean that I have. I didn't realize I was raised by a feminist 'till I got married to a MAN. But he doesn't do all the "handy man" things my dad used to do. It's a pain and we still fight 6 kids later, but it's part of life in America.

Too bad we don't have any sports teams to criticize and it definitely does not stink here.

Anna in Alaska

Anonymous said...

i recently became engaged to a nice texas girl. we have a simple divison of labor. i work all week she takes care of the house stuff. and i damn well better have my honey due list done by sat. afternoon so i can take her on a date. we live a simple life style and have very little debt. this allows her to stay home and be the spoiled princess she deserves to be. when we have kids she wants to homeschool them. are use of classic gender roles has so far led to a very happy home life.

whats offencive about the post?

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