Friday, July 15, 2011

Lazer Brite Tactical Light System

Check out their website I got one of these rather randomly. Basically it is a battery powered glow stick. At first I was unimpressed but over the last year I have used it like crazy. It is almost the only flashlight/ light source I use.
I really appreciate how it lights up an area instead of a single beam. Also it's green or red settings don't totally screw up your night vision so there isn't the blind after turning off the flashlight effect.
They are great for walking around in the dark or finding what you need from a bag or closet. I own a lot of flashlights but just keep using this. Don't know what the cost but it is probably reasonable. They last forever on a set of batteries.
I don't have any real quantifiable argument why these are great but I seem to regularly forgo other options and use it.
I think those who choose to purchase one will not be disapointed.


Dave S said...

The link to the manuf. doesn't work, Do you know who carries this?

Anonymous said...

Cool. I've used the PAL 9V flashlight with same results. Most of the time in the woods, you just need a little light to move around. The locator beam from the LED is ;light enough.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that can't get the light link to work?
Anon in Boise

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