Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Thoughts: Inflation, Scotch and my Field Survival Load

Today I realized that commenting has been a bit light which lead me to look at the main page and realizing I haven't written in a couple days, whoopsy. I have been working through the errands and logistical needs required for us to settle back in here and spending a lot of time with Walker. Really just trying to get settled here so I haven't tried particularly ambitious stuff on any front. Here is some random stuff that has been going on or I have observed.

I filled up our fairly large Earth hating SUV today. It cost about $10 more than I remember. Not a huge deal as we do not drive much but it was interesting.

A bottle of J and B Scotch Whiskey has gone up two bucks in price. This is my house scotch. It is solidly enjoyable but reasonably priced so I don't hesitate to pour a glass on Tuesday if the mood strikes me. I love me some single malts but they start out expensive and go up in a hurry.

Along those lines I picked up a Glenmorangie 10 year and it is quite enjoyable. It is goes down mildly and has a pleasant, slightly spicy aftertaste. I may have to finish the glass and have another to confirm this.

I started putting together my level one survival load. My plan is a small pouch that I can slip into my cargo pocket. Depending on my level of motivation to dig around our stuff to find the right pieces it should be finished in the next few days or so. More to follow on this later. The only piece I am kind of up in the air about is the fire starter. I will go with a Zippo in the short term because I have one lying around (somewhere). However I would like to purchase a Butane lighter, like the kind you can use to weld thin metal or smoke crack underwater. Thoughts or input are appreciated on a specific windproof and or waterproof lighter you have had positive experiences with.

So that is what's going on right now.


chadow10 said...

Personally, I have always disliked the zippo. I have had a few over the years, but it's such a pain to get the right amount of fluid in it without causing a fluid burn on my leg if I'm carrying it in the pants. Do you think you might have the same contamination type problem in your kit? I prefer several micro bics.....keep them in seceral places.

2. Discovered a new water-tight container. I spent the night watching over the niece at the hospital so my sister could go home and sleep. They give you these 2 oz. sterile water bottles to mix the formula with. These things are a perfect size! I came home with the empties from feeding the kid overnight. I'm thinking my first use will be for a larger container of vaseline-coated cotton balls. I've been wanting something that held more.

3. Wifey bought a 3 dollar solar light at Wally World. We're going ahead with the experiment. I'll let you know what a hand full of these things will get you later.

Anonymous said...

I don't drink. I have drunk when I was young (I'm 68) when it seemed like the thing to do but I never really liked it and I really did not like actually being drunk. However a few years ago I was in Missouri and their Walmar sold hard liquer so I bought a bottle of Crown Royal in memory of my dad he would enjoy a shot or two or three in an evening and I thought I might enjoy it. I was unable to down a shot in fact I don't remember swallowing it at all. Now I can sip a little of my wife's wine and remark on the quality or lack thereof but I don't drink it. In fact we went to a wine tasting and I declined any wine. I don't hate it I simply can't drink it. I suppose if someone offerred me a million dollars to drink a glass of wine I could get it down but for some reason without that incentive I have no desire to and pretty much no will to. Seems odd. I don't know why but there it is...

Chief Instructor said...

Glenfiddich for the Scotch, and a simple Bic for the fire starter. If you're going to do a re-fillable, I significantly prefer my Imco Triplex to my Zippo. Much more versitile and holds the fluid longer.

Ryan said...

Chaddow, Could be. A small plastic bag might be a solution. I will mess with it some. Nice!

Please let us know how the solar light goes.

5:19, To each their own. I have no issue with folks who do not drink except the ones why try to mess with my ability to do so (responsibly).

Chief, I would say Glennfiddich is the single malt present in the house most often. Sometimes when I see a bottle of something different I like to try it. I carry a bic in my pocket but would like something a bit more durable and reliable. I will check that out, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I bought a small soldering lighter from lowes hardware a few years ago. It was $20 and fits in your hand pretty well. Its refillable with butane. I think its called a micro jet torch lighter.

Sam said...

We liberally packed a bunch of cotton balls with Vaseline then packed old pill bottles with them. Five of those pill bottles and a Bic lighter in a baggie and you are good for starting fire. We have these "fire kits" in every kind of go to bag we have.

Anonymous said...

It's been my experience if you fill a zippo, use it once and then come back a few weeks later to use it again, it will be dry and worthless. I'd go with matches.

Ryan said...

@ All, On lighters I think I will just rock a bic until I get around to picking up a butaine welding/ crack moking slighter.

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