Saturday, March 17, 2012

Great Sale On Cloth Diapers!

The folks at Cottonbabies are selling factory second flip covers and inserts for great prices. The covers are about half off regular price and the and the inserts at about 3/4 price. This is the system we use with Walker. Wifey recommends the ones with snaps as snaps are less prone to wear than velcro. As to quantities we have 8 covers and 24 inserts for Walker. We needed all of them when he was little and pooped all the time but now we could probably get by with a few less of each. With those numbers we need to wash them about every other day.
Anyway that is a real good deal on a product we use and recommend. I wanted you all to know about it so maybe you can save a few bucks. The only relationship we have with this company is as satisfied customers.

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