Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today I would like to welcome our newest advertiser Hush Tunnel

The privacy rights that we are supposedly afforded in life don’t translate to our online lives. When we send a letter we have a reasonable expectation of privacy. The letter will arrive at its destination, unopened. Sadly, this is not the case online. Most traffic sent over the Internet is plain text, and even that which is encrypted with SSL is susceptible to a trusted man in the middle interception.
With this being said, there are ways to protect your internet privacy. You can prevent ISP's from spying on your traffic by using an encrypted tunnel such as Most proxies available are SSL based and as such are prone to trusted man in the middle attacks. Hush Tunnel uses SSH and is the easiest way to protect your online privacy, encrypting and anonymizing your internet traffic with a single click. Hush Tunnel is devoted to protecting your online privacy rights!

Please go check out hush tunnel and consider using their service to help with your internet security needs.

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