Monday, March 5, 2012

What If- Knives

I was doing some knife preventative maintenance and had a bit of inspiration. While looking at a stack of knives I wondered what if I had to chooose? We talked about what we would choose if we could only have five guns awhile back and talking about knives seems fun.

Anyway you get five. To define it we will say you get five knives to suit every normal cutting need. No need to get sidetracked into strictly kitchen culinary stuff, herilooms or industrial things like razor knives, I am thinking more general purpose, survival, defense type stuff. These knives could fill most of those other roles anyway. In no particular order here we go.

First I thought about a good all around edc knife. For this I would choose a Buck 110. A great knife to carry around. It won't cause any awkward looks in a sheath on your belt but it handles and cuts like crazy. If I found myself stuck in the woods with one I would not feel at a serious disadvantage.

Next I considered something I could carry concealed and use effectively as a weapon. Without a doubt this would be a cold steel push knife. I have a bit of experience in knife fighting but a decent background in striking and knifepunching people seems rather intuitive to me.

A relatively large sheath knife for general purposes or fighting came next. I would have to go with a Ka Bar for this. Ergonomic as can be with a big solid blade, not much to argue with here. They are just a darn good knife and I cannot imagine not owning one.

A multi tool is just a darn useful thing to have. I do not carry one as I do not use them that frequently but I keep them at home and in my ruck. I like the original leatherman. (Pictured is a SOG multi tool because my leatherman is MIA.)

Lastly I would want a solid camping/ survival kind of blade. Without a doubt I choose the cold steel kukuri. A few years ago I was watching Lost and thought "what knife would I want if I was stuck on a jungle island?" and ended up buying one of these. They are definitely pricey and it would be genuinely hard to argue they are worth the price when you can get a good machete for 30 bucks or so but I happy that I own one.

Narrowly missing selection was the Buck 119 special which is just a darn good knife. Great as a hunting knife or for all manner of tasks. In all honesty sentimentality is probably the reason the Kabar beat it out for the general purpose sheath knife spot.

Noteably absent is the modern one hand opening "tactical" folder with a pocket clip. I am just really soured on them due to a slew of bad experiences with a variety of big name models. I fiddled with a small belt knife to do everything. It worked OK but carrying one all the time is problematic. A buck 110 to do stuff and a push knife as needed just in case is what I am trying right now.
What would your five be?


Anonymous said...

Wow, GMTA.
I own all of those but the Kukri, and it's on my short list to acquire. For now a military machete is filling in.
The Buck 110 was my first acquisition at age 11,
then the Special, issued a Ka-Bar, bought the machete, and finally the Cold Steel push knife.
The only other I'd add is the original Gerber Mk II survival knife - after seeing too many of them on Ranger/SF/SERE Instructors' hips back in the day, I figured they might know a thing or two, so...
- Aesop

Anonymous said...

I keep the following in my truck go-bag: Gerber multi-tool, Glock field knife, Gerber folding knife, and an Army folding shovel.

MAJ Mike

tweell said...

My large folder is a Schrade Old Timer Trapper. It has a decent blade and adds a saw.
For a pure fighting weapon, an Arkansas Toothpick is my choice (I'm not much on concealment).
For a large GP sheath knife, I've had good luck with a Timber Rattler Bowie, although I did have to do some work on the handle.
My favorite multitool is the Bucktool, although they didn't sell well, mine is still going strong.
For a camping blade, what I use is a short sword my brother and I made from a car leafspring over 30 years ago. It's ugly, heavy and needs frequent resharpening, but it has outlasted 2 machetes and a kukri.

Ryan said...

Aesop, Those are good knives.

MAJ Mike, I own (think you RFI!) but am not a huge fan of the Gerber multi tool. Their knives are solid though. I have been meaning to pick up one of those field knives for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Schrade 60T Golden Bear - very similar to Buck 110, but lighter due to no bolster at rear end.

German Eye Sodbuster 3 Eye - very tough working blade with GREAT carbon steel that takes and holds an edge.

Leatherman Wave or Surge - large multi-tool - versatility!

Machete - Cold Steel Bowie 12" - clip bladed short machete, I wish the handle were of better materials, but the blade design - wow! If I had to pick only "1", this would be definite contender. I know nothing of knife fighting, only that getting into one is a really bad idea. 8^)

Case / Camillus / Schrade stockman 3 blade - just great EDC knives of good steel.

Michael said...

I'd go with a Buck Woodsman (Smaller version of the Buck 119) for a general purpose outdoors knife, my Swiss Army knife (can & bottle openers, scissors) , and a small Kuhn Rikon paring knife for camp/cooking duty and trade my last two knife choices for a small camp axe.

Jennifer Martin said...

I do believe that Kabar knives are every good for self defence and everyday carry to outdoors.

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