Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Food Storage Thoughts

So part of the fun of being in the military is moving. Part of the fun of moving is dealing with stored food. Packing a bunch of stuff across town is a hassle but across the country is problematic and across the world is a nonstarter. So that means you eat up as much as you can. We are in the eating stage. I plan to look back at these notes in the future and hope they may benefit you folks also.

Here are some random observations:
-Jelly with fake sugar doesn't store well.
-Pretty much everything else seems to be fine long past it's "best by date".
-We should store more coffee though I think that got used before I deployed. However since it was over a year ago I can't really recall.
-Dry pasta and sauce is a winner. It is one of our easy go to dinners. We probably can't store enough of the stuff.
-We didn't have any baking powder. It is one of those things we don't use that much of so I guess it was easy to miss.

Now that Walker eats actual food we will need to make some adjustments to our food storage.
-We should store more ketsup. The kid loves the stuff and puts it on everything.
-Additionally we need to store a lot more shelf stable and dry milk.
-Since our diet has become more varried canned veggies go fast. Once you make a meat and a starch opening a can and heating it up is an easy answer to round things out.
-Also we seem to use a good amount of baked beans.
-Walker eats canned fruits like crazy. Of course we feed him as much fresh stuff as we can but it isn't always available at reasonable prices and sometimes we run out of it.

Anyway that is all I can think of now. As we keep eating I may have some more observations.


Anonymous said...

My recommendation is to go easy on ketchup purchases - kids go crazy on one item, and the next month can't stand it, sometimes for good. but if the rest of family likes it, go ahead. Bet you are glad your tyke is eathing 'People Food', those baby food jars get expensive (but make GREAT containers!).

Thank you for the insights.

Jeanne S said...

Try different kinds of ketchup. I love balsamic vinegar ketchup, my kids love the no-sugar-added ketchup, you can even get green tomatoes ketchup.

Ryan said...

@6:17, The kid has liked it for long enough that I don't think it is a fad. Also I like ketsup.

Him liking people food is easier as it means usually making 1 meal. We didn't really do the little baby food jars, Wifey made his food using fresh ingredients and sometimes leftovers.

Jeanne, There is only 1 kind of ketsup in our house, Heinz.

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