Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Personal Survival Kit

First I have to note that I blatantly stole this idea from John Mosby. Since this isn't school there is no penalty for this. Anyway I wanted to give credit where it is due.  I didn't so much steal the general idea to have most of this stuff around as the idea of looking at it as a unique kit.

My personal survival kit consists of the following. A knife, in this case a Buck 110 though any good knife would be fine. A compass I had lying around, a couple lighters wrapped in ranger bands, water purification tablets, 550 cord and a small LED light. Also there is a flint and striker which I plan to replace with the much more compact Boy Scout model when I get around to ordering some stuff. I got the little pouch to put it all in. Figured either I could just slip the whole thing into my camelback or cargo pocket or take the stuff out and put it into various places. Either way it would stay in one place and be readily available. Probably not entirely necessary but it helped me put things together and worst case I can always use it for something else.

My kit varies a bit from the one JM described. Not shown is a handgun with a spare magazine because well I am in Germany right now. Also not shown are eye pro but I wear them in the woods. Also I added the small light because they are just really handy. Not pictured or mentioned is a water bottle/ camelback/ canteen. I thought about that for awhile. In the end I sort of consider it an implied item I would have anyway, sort of like how I didn't mention footwear or pants.

This little kit lives in my car and goes with me when I am in the woods or whatever. It is pretty small and as such could be carried during any sort of tasks. Anyway if you do not have some sort of kit like this then it might be worth thinking about putting one together.

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Brian N said...

I would add a cheap space blanket. I made one off of Moseby's model and everything fits into the water bottle. I also roll up a very small nylon stuff sack and tucked it into the bottle. When I have to use the kit, the items are transferred to the stuff sack and hung from my belt and then I can fill the water bottle.

shaiket Hasan said...

Great Effective Article!
Thanks for share this.
I have a custom buck 110 and its looking so beautiful.

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