Monday, July 23, 2012

Question: .22 Conversion Kits for AR-15's

I had really been wanting one of those takedown Ruger 10/22's. Still do but I realize it isn't the right tool for the job I have in mind. Basically I want to be able to shoot .22 with accuracy sufficient to harvest small game in as compact of a package as possible. Primarily I am looking at it as part of the dreaded bug out type setup where I can take less stuff than would be ideal. What I realized is that instead of a takedown rifle a bolt for the rifle I would already be carrying (or have on hand) makes more sense. That would let me shift the .22 rifle from the have to have pile to the nice to have pile but still keep the capabilities. Also the price of a bit under $200 would be nice.

Did some research and it looks like the CMMG kit is the way to go. IIRC Commander Zero has positive things to say about them but I am too lazy to find and link.

Anyway to folks who have conversion kits I have a couple questions:

1) What type of kit do you have and how do you like it?
2) What sort of accuracy are you getting? I am not looking for anything crazy just to be able to put small game into the pot at about 40 meters.
3) How close to the point of impact of your normal sights does the rifle shoot with the .22 conversion kit? For what I am thinking rezeroing wouldn't really be practical.
4) Knowing what you know now would you buy a .22 conversion kit?

Thanks for any input. It is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

1) CMMG stainless (bought the package w/ 3 mags from midway) - love it
2) >1" at 50yds no problem
3) Didn't have to adjust PoA for PoI
4) You bet!

Anonymous said...

I have CMMG conversion kits...they work fine, accuracy is fair (2MOA or a bit more). If you want good accuracy, a dedicated .22LR top half is a better (but heavier, and more expensive) choice.

I also have .22LR conversion kits for my carry Glocks in the BOB.

Commander_Zero said...

Keep in mind that the actual bore diameter of an AR vs. the bore diameter of a dedicated .22 rifle is not the same. You'll get better accuracy with a dedicated .22 upper than you would with a .22 kit. However, theres 'accurate' and then theres 'accurate enough'. The kits are the latter, the dedicated uppers are the former. Whichever one you get, make sure to check on magazine availability before you buy.

Anonymous said...

1.Ciener Kit, purchased in mid 90's. Use Black Dog mags. The mag that came with the kit is a POS. Black Dog mags work flawlessly. Get several and a loader as they can be a PITA to load. Rarely used the kit until the Black Dog mags came out, now I shoot it more than my other 22's.
2. Mostly shoot at metal spinning targets, never checked the accuracy on a bench. The gun is for plinking. Use iron sights and cheap Wally World Federal bulk ammo. Mostly shoot to gain muscle memory and practice the controls on the AR.
3. I usually hit the targets from an offhand position. My backyard range is 25 yards, have not tried longer distances. Smallest target is about 1" in diameter. Can hit it consistently if I use good technique and am not just blasting away.
4. I am happy with the kit. With the BD mags it never jams with the bulk ammo. I do recommend using plated rounds and not lead, lead tends to build up in the rifling. (Bushmaster 20" bbl with 1/9 twist.)

Ryan said...

Thanks all, Seems accurate enough for me.

CZ, Will do. Thanks for the tip.

TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

I bought the CMMG kit a while back when it first came 3 or 4 years ago. Bought it as a training aid, for which I think they're over rated. Recoil of .22lr versus 5.56mm, manual of arms is a bit different (did not have bolt hold open options back then), and some feed issues (typical .22lr issues) - amounted to a little bit better than dry practice. I sold it off to fund something else.

That said, I'm back in the market, for the same purpose that you noted - drop-in .22lr for survival use. CMMG does indeed look to be the way to go. Would like a stainless one with bolt hold open capability. On the "to get" list.

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