Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reader Questions: M1 Garand Sale

To yesterday's post and the ongoing discussion about selling guns " Anonymous said...You *really* want to sell an M1 Garand at this particular point in history? With BHO about to be re-elected with a new 'mandate' from the Aurora shootings to permanently ban semi-autos once and for all? 
No offence, but give yourself an early Christmas present and wait for the new year to consider sell that 7.62x51 piece of awesomeness."
TOR here: Yes  I do, otherwise I wouldn't be selling it. Maybe more accurately I don't totally want to sell it but I want other stuff more than I want to keep it. As to a potential ban. There is a solid chance President Obama will be reelected. I don't think any sort of ban is imminent or even likely due to a variety of factors such as people's opinions and our current political climate. That being said my prioritization of potentially targeted items has gone up a bit, maybe from gun hording condition yellow to gun hoarding condition amber if you will.
One could argue that selling a gun in a time where there is an uncertain political climate might not be smart. Then again, as the case is, I am selling off weapons that are in (to me) redundant/ unnecessary calibers, or otherwise do not really have a solid place in my defensive battery. I am not saying the Garand is a bad gun or whatever, just that the resources currently sitting in said Garand could better serve me elsewhere. Keeping a gun that doesn't have  a solid place in your plan doesn't make much sense.
The more pertinent question might be "Ryan, what do you plan to do with the money from selling an M1 Garand?" If my plan was to sell a couple guns and spend the money on internet poker or a years supply of frozen pizzas it probably wouldn't be a good choice. However if the plan is to use that money to either acquire gun(s) or ancillary stuff thereon  that fit better into my defensive battery or food storage/ etc I would say it makes pretty good sense.  As to specifically what I plan to purchase that is still kind of up in the air. It depends on what I happens between now and any potential sale and on when and how much cash I get. If some rifle plates haven't come home with my by then I will take care of that. Ditto for a few more Pmag's. Half of whatever I get will probably go towards whatever ancillary stuff like mags or night sights is next on the list and the other half toward the purchase of some sort of firearm. I kind of have an urge to get a pretty nice AR-15. The whole landscape of the AR-15 market has really changed in the last few years. A lot of nice rifles have come out at real nice price points. When funds allow I will probably order a complete upper from Spikes Tactical or BCM then shop around for a lower.

Hopefully that answers your question.


John Mosby said...

What's wrong with a year's supply of frozen DiGiornio's?

Unprofitable Servant said...

You know you want to build an AR pistol...


Unprofitable Servant said...

If/when you build a lower, look at and consider considering Spike's "enhanced lower parts kit".

For the extra that I paid, I consider it a good deal. It's not competition stuff, but smooth running functionality.

Me likey.

(Did I mention I am a Spike's fanboy since buying their lower parts and ST-2 buffer?)


Commander_Zero said...

If Obama really is going to do a semi-auto ban then, in my opinion, you definitely want to sell that Garand and get a more practical, more modern, more useful semi-auto like...well, justabout anything....AR, PTR, FAl, etc....

Anonymous said...

Unless thats a 7.62 (.308) Garand (the US Navy mutilated a few of them that way) it is 7.62x63 (.30-06)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for not becoming emotional about your "tools". It shows, imho, that your thinking about being prepared is reality based. If you were a self proclaimed collector and your blog was all about collecting, then, sure, it would make sense to keep the Garand, a collectable.

Unfortunately, many in the preparedness community are about collecting and their plans are reality/logic deficient.

Sure, I'd love for my preps to have a Garand and some AP ammo, but not until I have several ARs, Glocks, too many mags, not enough closet space for ammo, food, gas, generatorS, etc.

Just my opinion...


Ryan said...

JM, Nothing at all. It is after on the list after Operation Single Malt Cache.

AP, That is a real temptation. Unfortunately it is not as high on the list as I would like. Got to figure out my all around AR, get a .22 conversion kit for it and set up the '06 before it would be prudent. Factoring in competing demands of food storage, gear, etc all I suspect it will be 4-5 years assuming the world doesn't end.

Ryan said...

Zero, I am not holding my breath for a ban, though I did prioritize up some magazines and a case of 7.62x39. Got to agree with you. I would want another (or a better) AR instead of a Garand.

Grasshoppa, That is where I am with the whole thing.

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