Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Warbelt Fun

As I set up the personal gear I want the topic of pistol belt/ war belt's has come up. Got to love the name these things got. Probably some marketing genuis, the old give it a cool CDI Rambo sounding name so folks will buy one plan. Basically the war belt is a padded, molle type belt or belt sleeve one which stuff like a holster, mag pouches, etc can be mounted. Anyway the ability to mount all manner of MOLLE stuff onto a belt easily would be nice.

Thanks to the joy of the internet I got to look at a lot of other people's setups. One of the more comprehensive and interesting threads is the Ultimate Battle/Scout Belt Thread; formerly Sigboy Scout Belt  over at Zombie Squad. Folks seem to go in two directions. Some basically do a modern version of the old school LBE. These folks are running 4+ rifle mags, 2+ pistol mags, a holster, a knife, some admin pouches, maybe a canteen or two. These folks definitely run suspenders, often big padded H type ones we remember from the LBE era. Other folks use it more as a beefed up pistol belt with some mags, a holster, etc. Depending on their body type and how many mags they are running these folks may go with a thin set of suspenders or not. These folks will typically use a chest rig or run additional pouches on a plate carrier if needed.

So I have been thinking this could be a good way to go. I am definitely going to fall into the second group. I will rock the gear but I am not so sure about the big ole MOLLE belt. I have seen setups like this on a normal rigger belt. Just a pistol, 1-2 spare mags each rifle and pistol and maybe a knife. To me the idea of having what basically amounts to a pistol belt set up for the range, home defense and times where I want a gun but don't need a full load out is appealing. Also something that would work as part of my overall setup instead of a whole nother rig appeals to my cheap side. 

I still have to do some thinking on the matter but this is my plan. An ATS or HSGI war belt, two double taco mag pouches (though the cheaper condor rig I just bought may fill the role in the short term due to cost), a holster probably from Safariland, a knife, maybe a small admin pouch to hold a compass, etc to fill out the level 1 kit, and possibly a minimalist trauma kit.

Are you running a warbelt? If so what type and how do you like it over just a pistol/ duty belt?


Scott M said...

I have been toying with the idea also. I was thinking of it as a middle of the night or grab and go belt. One thing I would also add is a flashlight.

Depending on the situation I like an single strap over the shoulder like maxpedition that is real quick to put on.

Ryan said...

Scott M, A flashlight would be good too. I will have to experiment to see if my body and the setup I use require suspenders. Probably won't but who knows. Simple lightweight suspenders are available for a reasonable price.

Chris said...

I run a "war belt." It is for the "bump in the night." It sits next to the soft vest beside my bed.

- Pistol holster w/ pistol in condition 3.
- Double mag pouch with a spare mag and a surefire light.
- 2xAR mags.
- Pouch for phone/cell phone (get that 911 call going!).

I'm adding an admin pouch that will be used to store a photocopy of my ID, CCW, and lease so that in the event I have to deal with police at my house after a home invasion they can easily verify that I'm the homeowner.

It is a bit light weight -- not a huge amount of ammo, no IFAK, and no knife. However, that means it is easy to strap on with no suspenders needed. Two mags for each weapon gives me the ability to use a fresh mag if have malfunctions and a reload. If I can't solve a home invasion problem with 90 rounds of ammo then I probably have a larger issue.

I like using a big MOLLE or ALICE belt because unlike a simple rigger's belt, you can strap them on right over your boxer shorts without any belt loops needed at oh dark thirty when you roll out of bed.


Ryan said...

Chris, Definitely some stuff to ponder there. I like the copy of id/ccw/lease part. I figure an IFAK- and a reasonable non rambo knife won't add too much weight and are what I would want for that piece of a heavier load out.

Anonymous said...

By all means, go with the HSGI sure grip padded belt. It's awesome beyond words. I run two pistol mags, two HSGI taco pouches, Maxpedition dump pouch, HSGI bleeder kit, and a holster on mine. It doesn't move and is extremely comfortable.


The guy who recommended the Banshee

Anonymous said...

As you are aware, I run an ATS belt, and couldn't be happier. I run a hybrid system. I've got my 19 in a Safariland holster (switched it over two days ago, in fact), a BOK/IFAK in a double mag pouch, a RAT-3 knife, and two HSGI kangaroo-type taco pouches. I also threw a one-liter water bottle pouch on there the same time I changed holsters. I can comfortably run that load without suspenders, and nominally do. For class instruction though, I run a pair of BFG suspenders, so I can unbuckle the belt to shove my hands in my pockets when I'm simply observing student drills (yeah, yeah.....). The warbelt/battlebelt idea is, in my less than humble opinion, probably the best development in irregular warfare LCE since the development of MOLLE/PALS.

Ryan said...

JM, I do recall your belt preference. I am pretty much sold on the concept, at least enough to shell out the cash and give it a try. Thanks for the info.

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