Monday, July 30, 2012

Wifey is Awesome

Today we were driving to the store and making conversation. I was relaying that a buyer might have been found for the Garand. There is potential for a swap in the deal. Wifey said "that isn't worth as much as a Garand!" I was very proud that she knew the value of the Garand and the other item. "It would be a part cash part stuff kind of thing."
Also she used "if it doesn't involve them they can stay out of our lives" in reference to a state worker/ agency which shows that my liberterian tendencies are wearing off on her slowly but surely.
She never ceases to amaze me.


Anonymous said...

You *really* want to sell an M1 Garand at this particular point in history?

With BHO about to be re-elected with a new 'mandate' from the Aurora shootings to permanently ban semi-autos once and for all?

No offence, but give yourself an early Christmas present and wait for the new year to consider sell that 7.62x51 piece of awesomness.

Anonymous said...

Brother, that's awesome on the matriarchal support from the bride. Mine is well aligned with our libertarian beliefs, after this much time together, considering she started out further left.

Anonymous said...

Your wife definitely sounds like a great asset. A spouse that appreciates firearms AND has common sense to boot (maybe these two are related?) is definitely a great person to share your life with.

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