Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Challenge

Challenge #1: Run/Ruck 50 miles

Challenge #2: Lose 5 pounds

Anybody with me?

No need to do both. Choose whichever challenge(s) fit your situation and goals. Look, I am not a doctor or in any way qualified to give medical or fitness advice. I am just a guy doing what he as learned in the way that works for him. It should go without saying that if you ran 0 miles last month do start running but don't be an idiot and try to do 50 miles as you will probably break something. Do couch to 5k instead.

No real logic behind either of these challenges. I had planned to run 40 but 50 seems like a nice round number. Also I want to lose a few more pounds, maybe as much as 10 but 5 is good for a month. As of earlier this week I weighed 188 pounds so that will be the start point with 183 as the goal. This morning I ran 2 miles so just 48 to go.


Max said...

I'm in, I need some motivation. I'm going to double the challenge to 100 miles and 10 pounds since I'm already an ultra runner but I've been slacking hard the last month or more.

Unprofitable Servant said...


I'm in. 50 miles and lose lbs.

I'll add 10 lbs to my bench, too.

Unless I hurt something. ;-)

BTW, you were right. going from 300 to 400 on the bench is somewhat harder than going from 200 to 300.

I'm stuck at around 330 now. ;-(

Might have to revise my year-end goals.

Thanks for the kick in the pants on PT.

Anonymous said...

Whoo. I will do it with you !

John Mosby said...

Are you talking about a half Manchu Mile 50? Or 50 over the course of the month? I'd be impressed to see most people do 50 miles under a ruck in a month, let alone at one go.


Anonymous said...

You don't think that following challenge #1, challenge #2 will pretty muych take care of itself?


Ryan said...

Max, Good for you.

AP, Glad to have you. Sorry that I was right.

JM, Over the month. One shot would be a darn good goal though it would require some determined progression.

Snoop, I think #1 will sure help with #2.

Kang said...

I've started on the couch to 5k program, thanks to you. I may not be able to keep up, but i'll be there in spirit.


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