Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Can't Afford to Prepare

This one comes up often enough that my periodic post on it is about due. I do think it is true that today, this week and maybe month some folks can not afford to put real money into food and whatnot. My first thought is that right now you can do something. Yes I do mean this week. Pick up a box of bullets for whatever gun is in the house. Get a big bag of rice or pancake mix. If you are an adult and cannot pull together ten or twenty bucks to something to prepare this week then you have serious i§ues and I recommend professional help. Beyond this week and month you can start looking at your finances and make some choices. Maybe you need to cancel the super sports package and even cable all together or eat out less. Maybe a big ticket item like a jetski has to go. Now somebody is going to say "TOR I have 12 kids and make 20k a year, so I genuinely can't afford it." I always wonder why folks choose to get into these situations." These folks are not going to get far on the budget cutting side of the equation. That is fine anyway as they do not have a spending problem but instead have an income problem. They need to figure out how to bring in more cash. This means working more or working smarter. These app4o├áches take longer than working the spending side but do pay of in the end. So basically you can either spend less or earn more. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

You cannot afford to save the planet; you may be able to afford to save yourself.


Anonymous said...

There are tons of ways to prep that cost little to nothing save your 2litre bottles and stock water. when you buy a four pack of tp put one in storage. buy 5 dollars worth of rice and beans a pay check sell something and put that money to preps. keep your freezer full of ice it will cost less to run . buy seeds after the season i planted seeds this year i bought at walmart 5 years ago and most took just fine and cost 10 cents a pack. you can container garden on windowsills in appartments or sprout seeds for salads just do something.

Arctic Patriot said...

Or, one can not prepare for bad times and be a leach.

There's always that.

I have six kids. I do what I can. I do not regret it, and I think we are fairly well "ready".

Anonymous said...

In my part of the country, we tend to have large families. I've seen many prepare on very little.

I've also seen too many large families that dont seeme to be motivated to do much about their situation. I guess the Bishop's warehouse is supposed to support them. I say, "If you can't feed them, don't breed them."

Anonymous said...

His second job was makin' them kids.

What if it's today? - A survivalist's blog said...

If you want to survive you MUST prepare. It's really that simple.

It's easy to stock up on extra food. Just this week, instead of buying a case of soda you can purchase 10 pounds of rice. Instead of that box of cookies you can purchase 5 pounds of wheat.

If you have too many kids, send them out to mow lawns or clean someones house or apartment. Even if an old person can only afford to give them two dollars for an hour of work, that's two dollars more than they had.

We don't have cable or satellite. We don't turn on the air conditioner unless it's 86 or higher in the house.

Come on. Get creative.

Ryan said...

AP it really is not about kids. It is choices. Good call I forgot about mooching.

millenniumfly said...

I tried to tackle this very question with a new eBook "The Prepping Secret Nobody Talks About." It was an interesting thought exercise for sure. The point is that you can prepare as most of what you need can be found with what you have as well as with a lot of knowledge and ingenuity too.

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