Friday, September 7, 2012

Initial Review- LED Lenser P3 Flashlight

I ordered and recently received in the main one of these flashlights. I do not know the exact dimensions and am not willing to measure it but they are small. It run's on a single AAA battery. The info on it says it puts out 75 lumens of light. If that means as much to you as it does to me it might as well be in Chinese. My informal assessment is that they are brighter than a 2 AA mag light but not as bright as a surefire.

The Good: Very small. Disappears into my weak side front pocket. Affordable so if it gets lost or broken replacement is not a big deal. For a small light with a single AAA battery it is surprisingly bright. The flashlight came with hardware to put it on a key chain, a wrist loop, a clip and a belt pouch. This gives a wide variety of options for carry.

The Bad: The beam adjusts with the front piece which is very loose and moves on it's own accord. This means you really have to take it out, turn it on and adjust it to get the beam you want. I would prefer to be able to set it and have it stay (as with a stiffer adjustment like a mag light or a surefire) though this setup does have the benefit that you can easily adjust it with one hand.

Also it runs on a AAA battery. Better than a CR-123 though I would prefer a AA just for commonality. They may make a model that fits this requirement and I missed it.

Nothing ugly so far.

The purpose I had in mind for this light is to beef up my EDC setup. I have one of those little LED lights on the key chain but it is a backup for a reason. Most gunfights happen in low light conditions so being ready for that just makes sense. Small enough that I would actually carry it was a requirement and this light fits the bill for sure. If you are looking for a small fairly powerful light to carry or keep stashed in a kit at an affordable price I think the LED Lenser P3 would be a good candidate.

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Anonymous said...

The Fenix LD15 is a AA powered pocket torch. I look at it as the "chopper" of flash lights. It is just barely enough aluminum to wrap around the battery. It does not even have a switch, you twist the bezel to mechanically make the circuit.

It is only a little more expensive but provides the advantage of taking the AA battery.


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