Thursday, September 13, 2012

Please Welcome Ozark Mountain Survival

I am pleased to welcome our newest advertiser Ozark Mountain Survival. This is a true family business with everybody involved. I have talked to Dad, Mom and a kid. You do not see that a lot any more and I like it.

Earlier today I was thinking about how it would be really cool to have some sort of a flint/ fero rod attached to one of these type bracelets. When putting up this ad I went ADD clicked into their site to the bracelet they call the MOAB (mother of all bracelets). This is leaps and bounds beyond the usual woven up hunk of 550 cord that fits around your wrist. The MOAB (shown above) has a fero rod, a compass and a saw blade. It is a pretty solid little survival kit that fits on your wrist. With the MOAB and a good hat (everyone knows 75% of your body heat leaves out the head;) you could survive anything.

Check out Ozark Mountain Survival and see if there is something that will fit your needs.

Edited to include: The other kid wanted us to know they are also involved in the business making it truly a family affair. Also note that the MOAB contains a mini fishing kit under the ranger band it also seems to include.  This thing is like the Swiss Army knife of bracelets!
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