Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Product Review: Bianchi 100 Professional

Today I want to talk about my concealment/ EDC holster the Bianchi 100 professional. It is an inside the waist band (IWB) leather concealment holster that attaches to a belt with a metal clip. Onto the usual format.

The Good: It would be an exaggeration to say everything but just a small one. The holster is high quality with good stiff leather but it is flexible enough to have the bit of give that makes leather more comfortable than alternatives. Draws are fast and smooth. Retention, relative to open top concealment holsters, is good. The handgun will stay in the holster if it is turned upside down and shaked. Also pleasingly the leather is stiff enough that you can reholster with the holster on your body which is not possible with nylon or thinner leather holsters.

It conceals well and (in conjunction with a decent belt) is comfortable to carry all day long. I am pleased to say that I can wear it under a shirt against skin and it is comfortable. I have not experienced this in other IWB holsters and attribute it to thoughtful ergonomics and a lack of sharp edges. Fit and finish are great. The cost is a bit over $40 which considering the quality of materials and workmanship is a heck of a deal.

The Bad: Sometimes the  metal clip will not stay securely on a belt. It will not fall out due to belt tension but if the clip comes loose it can migrate up a bit. Additionally  the holster can migrate a little bit. Not a big deal but this requires a minor adjustment which breaks the cardinal concealed carry 'don't touch the darn gun' rule of not getting made.

I think for a concealed carry rig the clip has enough benefits to outweigh the minor downside. I really like being able to put it on or take it off fast and easily. The holsters that have loops with snaps work but are less convenient. To me this benefit is worth slight movement.

The Ugly: Nada.

Overall Assessment: I think it is a heck of a holster, especially for the price. You might be able to do better but could definitely do worse.


Graehaven said...

I bought the same holster about a year ago. I carry my Keltec PF-9 in it because I got tired of how the gun felt inside the waist band just using the belt clip on the gun. It's very comfortable. The PF-9 is a little loose in it, but, with the belt tight, it's not going anywhere. If I carry the P-11 in it, it's a nice snug fit. Great holster.

Justin said...

The Bianchi 100 is widely used because it is simple and it works the way it is supposed to.

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