Saturday, September 1, 2012

PVS 14 Sale and Purchase

I have been saving for a PVS 14 Monocle AKA a NOD for awhile. Stashing cash during the deployment let me put most of the needed cash away. I have been waiting until we were headed back home to pull the trigger on the whole thing. JRH Enterprises yearly Labor Day sale taking $300 off the price definitely helped me make the decision.

Also I have kind of been on the fence about the whole thing. It is a lot of money, literally the third most expensive purchase of my life. This money could be split between food, going a long way to squaring that up, and some other stuff we can really use. Or for that matter I could get a pretty nice starter motorcycle which would be really cool. The reason I decided to go with a NOD is twofold. First they are a big one shot purchase. In particular with food storage I can make regular medium sized ($200-350) purchases and rapidly work towards establishing a serious food storage program. The other stuff we are short generally falls into the same category. However large chunks of cash are few and far between. Secondly given our semi nomadic nature we cannot always have accumulated piles of stuff but it would be nice to have a few compact
items that bring real advantages. Lastly it might be dumb but I wanted a nice tangible preparedness toy tool as something good that came from a really crappy year. Maybe it isn't the perfect choice but it doesn't seem like a terrible one to me.

Night Vision is just so important. I know a lot of other stuff is important also. We need food, water and communications plans as well as weapons and gear. Also there are the usual expenses of keeping a roof over our heads, gas in the family car, the lights on and food in the pantry. Gen III night vision is ridiculously expensive. I certainly would not beat myself up if I couldn't go out and buy a NOD right now (or realistically any time in the foreseeable future). It probably is not viable for a family of 7 with a 25k household income. Maybe you could purchase something less expensive though unfortunately there is, at least in my estimation, a serious gap between cheap redneck poaching coyote hunting/ air soft qualify stuff and punitively expensive state of the art gear. I wish there was something almost as good for closer to a grand but I do not think that is the case.

You know your situation better than anybody else. If you can realistically afford quality night vision I would strongly recommend at least considering it. As John Mosby said (more or less) "If you have a half dozen semi automatic rifles but no night vision you are screwing yourself, your family and your buddies." The same could be said for a couple expensive sports cars or a toy jeep and a bike or boat or whatever other toys. We all might want to make the choice to get the right gear to be properly equipped.

It is difficult to overstate the advantage night vision gives in a fight (or at avoiding one!). They are a serious combat multiplies. I would say a guy with a NOD is equal to, or has an advantage on 2-3 guys with out them in anything but super close CQB ranges. For goodness sakes you can see at night with the damn things!

The fun of expensive stuff continues because to really use a NOD to maximum utility you need an IR laser like a PEQ 4/15/whatever or it's civilian legal equivalent the BDAL-12. Yeah you can mount a NOD to your rifle and use it in conjunction with most modern combat optics but that is not the way to go. You want the NOD on your head so you can look at stuff without flagging it. Surprise those cost about a grand, FML. That being said the combination is just an awesome way to bring hate down on people at night.

Anyway I wanted to let you know about the sale and have a little discussion on night vision. I hope everybody's Labor Day weekend is going well.


Anonymous said...

If I could make a big-ticket purchase, right now it would either be a welder/generator for my (incomplete) metal fabrication shop (all I need is a welder), or a good NVD.

I agree with the sentiment that says put aside gun purchases in favor of good night vision.

You're more or less hosed against many nocturnal threats without it.

TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

Make sure you throw a good flash hider on your rifle! Or better yet, a suppressor.

The combat multiplier is a big deal, but I think people under estimate the value of being able to move at night, w/o needing flashlights. For example, if you want to bug out, o' dark thirty using NVG is going to probably be your best bet.

Ryan said...

AP, Both solid choices. Done right a welder might make enough money to buy a NOD but the opposite is not true.

Alexander Wolfe, A suppressor would be nice. If I was settled (.mil = moving) one would be on the short list.

I sort of use combat multiplier beyond just a fighting perspective. Great for avoiding folks or staying low profile for sure.

Archer Garrett said...

In writing my book, every situation my characters got into, I found them using NV. It was the fundamental force multiplier: they could engage a much more powerful threat under cover of darkness. I knew NV was very important, but the extent didnt really drive home until i was writing realistic situations. It was like an epiphany of sorts for myself.

With all that said, what is everyone's thoughts on FLIR? FLIR and Gen 1 prices can overlap. I've already started incorporating it into my writing an am now questioning whether it is a better choice.

Commander_Zero said...

Force multiplier, baby. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Archer Garrett said...

Typo - said gen1, meant gen3

SnW said...

Archer, here is a Thermal Weapons Sight but it is several gold coins higher. $17K

Archer Garrett said...

I thought I saw a flir for 3k - I thought - but at that price point I must have been wrong and it was NV scope. Never mind.

Ryan said...

Archer, You can get FLIR for 2k but it is more of a pocket scope than a full on setup capable of being used as a weapons sight.

As to your larger question. I would say unfortunately no. FLIR is great for hunting or killing anything that moves or an LP/OP but is less than ideal for say walking in the woods at night.

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