Saturday, September 29, 2012

Questions I Have Been Mulling- Mag Pouches and Private Party Firearms

A couple things have been in my head recently and I am curious about your take on them.

1) How do you guys carry a spare mag (or mags) for concealed carry? What sort of mag pouch do you prefer?

2) What weight, if any, do you give to purchasing guns via private party. Some folks only purchase guns this way and others do not care at all. I am curious about your take on the matter. If you wanted to mention (with OPSEC considerations) what you have done and why it would be appreciated.



BC said...

Depends on how much concealment I am going for.

Typical daily is a double stack mag pouch with a snap cover on my left side about 8 o'clock, right in front of my leatherman.

Being sneakier I switch from an OWB M&P9 w/light to a LCR in my right front pocket, and a couple speed strips in my left rear pocket. This usually moves my knife from the right front pocket to clipping on the right rear pocket, next to my wallet. Keys and misc change etc ends up in the left front pocket.

Wraith said...

Let's just say that if you don't have guns the .gov doesn't know about, you might end up regretting that fact.

(As for me, I don't have any guns. They all fell into a volcano last week.)

Anonymous said...

If it gets to the point you have to hide your guns,its gotten to the point to use them.

Commander_Zero said...

To me, paperless guns are preferred and worth a small premium over papered ones. If, for example, I had a choice between two used G17 9mms, one at $400 at Cabela's and one for, say, $420 out of my newspapers classified, I would consider the latter one more desirable.

Archer Garrett said...

Concur with anon, If you hand the man your guns, are you really gonna go dig up some others so you can take them back? Particular scenarios may make the above a preferred exception, but if everybody did that, we're in trouble.

That withstanding, 2 equivalent guns, I go with PP. Its probably cheaper and its nobodys business anyway. Exchange "gun" for "bedroom suite", "washer/dryer", "hair weave", "whatever".

Archer Garrett said...

Also - I have noticed that every time I have ever listed a gun for PP sale, I get inundated with people that wanna do something illegal: sell pistol across state lines, mail gun directly, etc etc.

I don't know if these are actual morons or atf agents watching classifieds.

Be careful. Obey they law.

Chris said...

I carry a full-size double stack mag as a reload almost all the time.

I wear a lot of the 5.11 and similar style pants and shorts. They actually have a dedicated pouch for a mag on the left side (works great for right handed shooters). I had someone closely inspect it once out of curiosity and they thought it was for a flashlight or pocket knife or something like that (not a mag). If I don't have a dedicated pocket then it goes in my front left pocket and I just don't put much else in there.

Even if open carrying I rarely strap on a rig with mag and light.

I like private party firearms because I can often make better deals. I'm not too concerned about the privacy aspects but that is a decent plus. On one side you do get more privacy, but on the other hand you do take some bit of a risk that the firearm was previously used in a mischievous manner that may come back to surprise you.

Anonymous said...

I carry a 1911 or G19 in a home made supertuck (one for each) and a flashlight and mag carrier at 9 oclock IWB. I wear the same setup every day. I train with it like this as well, no fancy drop leg or semi drop leg or what ever. I like to experiment with various rigs but this is what works for me. I also carry a phone and leatherman on belt in horizontal position at about 1:30 and 10:30 respectively.

I keep my left pocket empty so that I can store empty mags their when training (and a spare or two if doing a course of fire) I will occaisionally carry a spare in the left pocket if I have a bad feeling. The point is that things dont change so I know where things are. One day I would like to have a G26 as back up.

Anonymous said...

RE: Buying guns from private parties vs retailers.
Given the present political climate, and that fact DHS just purchased 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo (mostly hollowpoint), I would avoid generating any unnecessary paper trails. I think the Illegal-Alien-in-Chief intends to sign the UN disarmament treaty days after the election, when he has nothing to lose politically, and DHS will be charged with confiscation of all firearms (hence the mobile, bulletproof kiosks). This is just my paranoid delusion, of course, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Anything papered will likely draw them to your door. The less documentation, the less you'll have to choose between giving up or dying (or your family dying) for. Remember, your home is a good place to defend yourself from starving, drug-addled, disorganized zombies. The bottomless pockets of the taxpayers have covered the expense of training and heavily arming jackbooted govt commandos--if they come for your guns and you choose to resist, that home will become a death trap a la Waco. In buying from private parties, you're always better off responding to ads in the paper, go with somebody as backup, to the seller's home (note the address)and if the weapon is priced fairly, you're probably okay. If it's too good of a price, the odds are, it's stolen and if you're caught with it a few months down the road, YOU could be charged with the theft...

Anonymous said...

Nightshift here...all my guns were lost in a freak boating accident...I like the thought of having paperless guns. Around here folks know that and ask for more than retail on "used" guns. I've seen one guy running so many ads that he has to be doing a straw deal to make a buck. Not worth a few bucks.

I would say half of my guns are off paper. Not for any real purpose except that is how the deals fell. I have traded both. I rarely sell one but have a couple trades under my belt.

Pitt said...

If I carry a single stack weapon, I like 2 spare mags. If I'm carrying a double stack, I like at least one spare mag. I'm currently looking for a leather "pancake" style mag pouch for a Ruger SR9 (my prefered hogleg) or so kind of kydex mag pouch ala G-Code.

I love the idea of paperless purchases for all of the standard reasons, but I rarely have 2 dimes to rub together so the issue is moot for me.

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