Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trimming Things Down- EAA Bounty Hunter SS 12 Gauge Sold

Continuing this trip's trend of gun sales that started with the 1911 I sold an EAA Baikal Bounty Hunter II coach gun today. The funds will either finish of Project Upgrade AR or go towards something else, probably a small pistol. Still looking to sell the Garand and a wheel gun but those will probably happen down the road.

I think Project Upgrade AR is already sufficiently funded. That means today's proceeds should be able go towards something else. Not sure what exactly, the amount would pay for a small pistol, but that is a matter for another gun show day.


Anonymous said...

I had a Rossi 12 SxS coach and sold it as well. Looked wickedly cool, but damnation, was it ever heavy (two barrels does tend to do that, lol), so it had to go too. Good call on that one.

Ryan said...

6:25, Also the thing holds 2 bullets. Thanks

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