Monday, September 17, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I did a pretty good amount of running and 2 rucks. For the second ruck I took a cue from John Mosby and put on a ruck for 3 miles as fast as I could go. I did not run (Running with weight is something that should IMO be seriously managed due to it's impact on your body) but went as fast as I could sustainably go. The split was a tiny bit over 13 minutes a mile and the weight was about 40 pounds. I enjoyed this ruck because it was quick and smoked me. I have gotten sucked into an brisk and long ruck pattern which has very different cardiovascular demands. Walking 8-12 miles with a ruck certainly has benefits but a fast 3 miler does also. This new trick will stay in my workout routine. Did a good lift today. No screwing around, just got in there for military press and dead lift then left. While it is not my long term plan lifting once a week seems to be working for me.

I fiddled around with a solo stove a bit. It is a neat little piece of kit that I can definitely see living in my bug out bag. The thing is quality made and very light. A full review will be done as soon as I have experimented with it some more.

Started fiddling around with my new Cold Steel pipe hawk. It is pretty handy for cutting the odd limb here or there. While not up to ax work this type of smaller stuff is really what I use a wood cutting implement for while camping or whatnot. The handle is pretty long but it shows when you swing the thing. This sucker might find a place in kit somewhere too

Sold off my 1911.  It will let me fill in some shortcomings and simplified our logistics. Also it will fund the new AR project. I call that a win win situation.

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Anyway things have been pretty busy. Lots of catching up with friends and family. Kiddo has had a riot chasing all manner of animals 


Anonymous said...

"New AR Project"...




Ryan said...

AP, I would love an AR pistol but it is a way down the list.

Max said...

I was against an AR for a long time, the AK worked great but I caved and love it, just can't fire cheap ammo.

Good job on the working out, keep it up. I'm nailing out the miles for my new goal of 240 but it leaves little time or energy for anything else. I can barely do pushups in the morning, but it let's me eat a lot of food.

highdesertlivin said...

Been doing some hard miles on my mountain bike (all up untill I turn around)3 to 4 days aweek. Also picked up 25 lbs of organic pintos , and lentils at 30% off. I need to get some new oxygen absorbers ,as the ones I had went bad. Thanks fo the read ,highdesertlivin out

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