Saturday, October 20, 2012

Busy Day: Used Stuff Hunting, New Mag Pouch and Project AR Update

Today we hit up some sales at the used stuff places in town. Unfortunately it was a bust on our main goal of getting a washer/ dryer combo. I did however find an old green GI style wool blanket so that was something.

I haven't been entirely pleased with the el cheapo mag pouch I picked up a couple weeks ago. It carries like an el cheapo nylon pouch that makes the bottom end Uncle Mikes stuff look good. Also the part where the strap that holds it on the belt meets the pouch is pretty rough and scratches my side.

Went to the nicer gun shop in town and looked around. Picked up a Blackhawk single mag pouch. It is plastic/ kydex/ whatever and attaches to the belt with a solid clip. The top is open which I like. Retention seems decent as it passed the hold it upside down and shake it around test. A review will come in due time.

Unfortunately in all this activity the unpacking/ organizing I had planned didn't happen. However nothing is on the list for tomorrow so a dent should get put in that. It is good to have goals anyway.

I appreciated all the input on Project AR Upgrade AKA Zombie Rifle. Think I will stick with a government profile barrel. There are smarter places to cut weight than the barrel and it is a pretty light gun anyway. Kinda leaning towards a cheaper comp. Bravo Company makes one that is much more price friendly than a Battle Comp but I still have to run some numbers.

Also I stumbled into some interesting stuff online:
12 year old girl shoots burglar
 Helicopter shot down in Syrian Civil War. Score 1 for the rebels. As an American I cannot help but root for people trying to become free and am a bit of a sucker for an underdog. That being said I am realistic enough to know that I may be fighting them in a few years.
40% of Americans have less than $500 in readily accessible savings. This is shocking but not necessarily surprising. An anecdotal consideration of people we know says it might not be too far off base. That being said it's worth noting this was more of a survey than a serious academic/ professional study.

Anyway that is what's going on today.


Hillbilly said...

I've had the same issue with stuff rubbing me raw. In the past I have taken ordinary silicone caulking and smeared a thick bead around the problem area and then smoothed it out with a wet finger. If you use a good thick bead it will stay put and not pull apart or come off. It has definitely made some problem gear turn into decent and usable gear.Just my two cents.

Ryan said...

Hillbilly, That is a good idea.Ironically I fixed it with duct tape. Tis now a functional backup to the new one.

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