Friday, October 5, 2012

Odds N Ends: Interwebz, Ammo and Big Fun

I got internet set up today at the new place which is nice. Generally trying to get settled in here. As I am running advon for the family I find myself doing a lot of stuff that has previously been Wifey's job. That means it is new to me so there has been some wasted efforts. Oh well.

Did the ammo inventories today. Some interesting stuff for sure. We are pretty short on 30-30 at just 320 rounds and .357 magnum at 150. The 30-30 is more pressing. The big wheel gun could get fed .38 special if needed we have plenty of that. Granted I really don't NEED the 30-30 ammo so much but can't see a reason not to have a reasonable amount of ammo for a rifle I really like. Would like to be at 500 rounds for both calibers.

On the bright side we have more 7.62x39 than I thought. Plenty of .30.06 (especially since the Garand is marked for sale), .38 special, and 9mm. The .223 situation is OK though I would like to set back 2 more cases. Old .22 long isn't doing bad but could use about three thousand more rounds. Over the next year or so I suspect  these deficiencies will get fixes unless the world ends. Regardless I am not too worried. We have enough ammo that it is not likely to be a pressing problem.

Most of the ammo is nicely organized now. Boxes are generally 1 caliber (a few orphan cases are inevitable) and are clearly marked with caliber and quantity of contents. I do plan to try and pick up a few more ammo cans to get everything packed away right instead of putting the rest in a giant 120mm mortar can. Will try and do that tomorrow.

The 'go cans' got packed at least with their tentative contents. Going to mull it a bit then talk it with you all tomorrow.

Anyway that is what I have been up to today.

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