Monday, October 15, 2012

Product Review: Galco Miami Classic

Today we will be talking about a pretty classic holster. So classic in fact that it has the word classic in it's name.

Before talking specifically about this holster we should spend a moment on shoulder holsters in general. Shoulder holsters are a rather niche system. They are great for people who spend a lot of time driving or seated, always wear a jacket or for whatever reason can't/ won't wear pants with a pretty solid belt. Driving and not wearing gun friendly (pants w/ a legit belt) are the two times I like shoulder holsters.

They are as discussed a sort of niche system but in said place they are the right piece of leather for the job. Sort of like an earthquake survival guide is just the right way to get ready for an earthquake a shoulder holster is the right way to get ready to carry on the body for long drives. Anyway onto specifically talking about the Galco Miami Classic.

I have owned a couple shoulder holsters in the past. One was a knock off of this system (seriously I think it was called a Falco) and the other was a cheap Uncle Mikes nylon setup. Neither were particularly impressive. That being said as discussed previously shoulder holsters have a place.

I was in the market for a shoulder holster for two reasons. The first was a long drive across the western US.  Secondly I wanted an option to carry, mainly at home, in comfortable clothing. Having tried cheap holsters I wanted to get a good one. The option was pretty simple for me and seeing one at a decent price ($139) simplified matters.

The Good: This thing is comfortable. After a few minutes of fiddling with the adjustments it fit wonderfully. On multiple occasions I forgot that I was actually wearing it. The material and quality of construction are top notch. The fit of the pistol and magazines is tight but right. I can't see retention being an issue with this setup.

The Bad: These things are expensive. MSRP is $189.95. They seem to be all over the net for about $150. Mine was purchased at a big box sports store for $139. A steep price tag for sure.

That being said it is worth considering this is not just a holster but a system. If you look at the price of a quality leather holster, gun belt and mag pouch from a top end American (I think) manufacturer this holster might seem a bit more sanely priced.

The Ugly: Did I mention that the Galco Miami Classic is spendy?

Overall Assessment: If you are looking for a shoulder holster this is a great option assuming you have the money to spend. They are not cheap but are really nice.


Anonymous said...

$140, Daaayyaaammm! I'm an old gun phart, my firstest paycheck ever was on a Bianchi XD1, the model for the 6" vertical shoulder holster. It was for a Ruger .41 Magnum Blackhawk. I paid $60 for it and thought it was high price. This was back in 1980 though.

Good leather costs money. I hope you get your moneys worth out of it.

Ryan said...

@5:22, Unfortunately you are right. Quality of materials, attention to design, durable construction and overall quality control mean there is a difference between good holsters and bad ones.

So far I am happy with this purchase. I imagine over time it will get a good amount of use.

Commander_Zero said...

I wore one of these Miami Classic rigs under my tuxedo jacket at my wedding. It's a nice rig but takes quite some adjustment to get it just right. I desperately want the quad (yes, 4!) magazine pouch they used to make for this thing. Looks like a rack of ribs hanging off your harness.

Ryan said...

Zero, Yeah I am not convinced mine won't get further small adjustments down the road. That would be quite a setup.

Anonymous said...

Just don't start wearing white pants and pastel shirts.

Ryan said...

Only if I can swing living on a boat with an alligator, driving a Porche and having a big cigarette boat.

Anonymous said...

Commandet Zero is one tough son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

He would have to be to keep up with his Missus'. Reminds me of the sign "To hell with the dog, beware of the owner". He will just shoot you. She will shoot you AND put you in jail! Crippled up

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