Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Project AR Upgrade: 14.5in BCM Middy Pic Post

 This package was definitely a good start to the afternoon. It was expected (package tracking sort of ruins surprises that way) but still exciting.
The contents of the box. A 14.5 in Bravo Company mid length upper with a pinned Battle Comp, a BCM M-16 BCG, a Gunfighter charging handle, magpul forend and BUIS.
 Various swag that came in the package. It seems that if you buy  a pretty average mortgage payment worth of  Bravo company products they don't pull any punches. The hat that will be great for the range, some stickers, a small bottle of some sort of weapons lube with a cool name, a couple DVD's and a poster.
Project AR Upgrade all put together in it's current configuration with an ACOG and a lower that was already in inventory.  The magpul furniture was a hassle to put on but eventually I figured it out. Dog had to give it a sniff. After sniffing Dog moves on to continue his not so busy day.
Far too early for a review yet but everything looks great. The middy has sort of a different feel to it but that's not a bad thing parse, just different. I am going to try and get the ACOG bore sighted in the next couple days and take the rifle to the range this weekend or worst case next week.  Once I get a lower specifically for Project AR Upgrade it is going to get painted.

Obviously once I get some trigger time Project AR Upgrade will be revisited. Anyway right now I'm a pretty happy Survivalist.


Arctic Patriot said...

Nice. Congrats!


Ryan said...

AP, Thanks. I'm pretty excited.

Anonymous said...

Gunpr0n! Yay!

Use it in good health sir.


Commander_Zero said...

I shot the BattleComp and was way, way impressed. I really would like to hear your opinion on it.

I ordered my plates about the same time you didnt and havent seen 'em yet. When yours show up, lemme know so I have an idea about how their shipping time is.

3rdman said...

Looks good.

I assume you have already registered it as SBR before assembling

3rdman said...

Or does the pinned Battlecomp take it out to 16"

Ryan said...


3rdman, The pinned battle comp takes it past 16". The receiver extension on the AR Pistol platform leads to a (legal) paperless loopholed SBR.If I was going to go SBR it would probably be putting a folding stock on an AK pistol.

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