Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RE: The Problems With Panic Buying

Sometimes I want to talk about something too much to make a comment. Today I am going to talk about a post stuff I found while searching for the end of the survivalist web.

The Problems with Panic Buying makes some interesting points. Here is a snippet "I’m 41 years old and I got my first rifle at 9.  Since that time I’ve bought, sold and traded hundreds of firearms.  I’ve shot hundreds of thousands of rounds, I’ve taught the craft for almost two decades now and have a very good understanding of what an AVERAGE SHOOTER is capable of.  Trust me folks… You are not as talented as you think you are."

I think it is worth noting that we need to separate the hardware and software issues involved in self defense shooting. The hardware issue is that you have weapons, magazines, ammunition and ancillary equipment to employ to defend yourself. The software issue is that you are capable of using the darn stuff!

Along the hardware lines I don't like panic buying. There are a few reasons for this. First trying to time anything is problematic. You might well be wrong and either have a false alarm or even worse be too late. Secondly most people do not have the resources to go out and buy all the gun stuff they want in a week or two, this stuff is expensive. While technically possible buying an AR-15 or 2, a couple Glock/XD/M&P's, maybe a bolt gun and a shotgun as well as mags, case upon case of .223, 9mm/.40 S&W /.45 acp ball ammo,  9mm/.40 S&W /.45 defensive rounds, .308, 12 gauge buckshot and whatnot to keep them going all at once isn't a viable option for most folks.

The last issue I have with panic buying is that it sort of goes against the whole proper planning prevents piss poor performance thing. The writing is on the wall. A significant percentage of our country does not feel the same way about the Second Amendment and military pattern weapons as rednecks, survivalists and hard core shooters do. We had an 'Assault Weapons Ban' for a decade and lots of folks want it back. Maybe these folks will be successful in seeking a ban and maybe not but we won't be able to say we didn't see the potential for it to happen.

However this ban has been rescinded for coming up on a decade. I am more inclined to buy with a moderate sense of urgency than to completely freak out every 2-4 years depending on who is running for what. When these elections come around (lame ducks are dangerous) I do not need to completely freak out because I've been making purchases as finances allow over time. That being said it is not a bad idea to look at your situation and maybe shift a few priorities higher. PMAG's or sweet new AR-15's might be entirely unavailable or more expensive next year while a nice rucksack or a CB radio almost surely will be.

So along the hardware lines panic buying is not a good plan. The panic buying crowd fails to acknowledge the importance of training and is almost entirely hardware focused. This is just stupid. Obviously on the software side panic buying is not a viable strategy. Unless you are a soldier, a SWAT cop or happen to be shooting competitive 3 gun/ IDPA/ High Power with a relative or friend's kit you are not building the skills to use the equipment. With those relatively rare exceptions aside most people are not proactive enough to seek out serious training opportunities for guns they do not yet own. Training takes time and costs money. While planning to panic buy a couple guns and a bunch of ammo is a bad plan it is a better plan then hoping to be able to get time off work and attend quality firearms training right before you need it.

Put time, money and effort into building your skills NOW before you need them. It is good wholesome fun but more importantly you do not know when these skills will be needed. It is possible (though haphazard and expensive) to deal with serious equipment shortcomings down the road. You could look for grandfathered items or fill shortages on the black market. However a shady contact and some cash can get you a piece but will not turn you into a serious shooter. A Daniels Defense carbine will not turn you into a shooter any more than a Corvette will turn you into a race car driver. Remember that it is the person behind the gun that really matters.

Coming briefly back to hardware taking a balanced long term approach is really the way to go. Be dispassionate and get guns that suit your needs, not your sense of style or ego. In other words buy a Ruger .44 magnum or a Desert Eagle .50 because you have huge hands and live in rural Montana/ Alaska where open carry is common and there are bears all over the place not because you thing they are cool.

Ergonomics mean what is right for me might not be right for you but there are definitely good choices and less good choices. Most folks would be well suited with a universal service pistol like a Glock/XD/S&W MP and a rifle like an AK/AR/FN-FAL/HK-G3 variant. Just something to think about.

Taking a long term approach is important because doing it all at once simply isn't affordable for all but the highest budgets. However if you pick up a holster here, a couple mags there and some ammo now and again it is much more doable.

Anyway those are my thoughts on that.


whirlston zhai said...

seed oil press
:) Glad to be here and learn about this.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ryan. A new angle on a problem I've talked about with others, re: skills v. gear. I had never thought about the 'panic' side.
From my experience this debate usually stems from one's ego. "I don't need training. I've been shooting for years." along with "I got me that new (enter latest fad device here) and I can get on target a lot faster!"
All the new gear can be cool, but if the balloon goes up in a personal defense situation, you could be better served by knowing how to effectively use old-school, plain, un-enhanced tools.
Also, many people do not realize the differences in the various styles of shooting; defensive, target, competitive, etc. Bench-resting your pistol, taking your time, and stacking 5 shots into 1 ragged hole is impressive. However, that skill will do you no good in a dark parking lot at the local 7-11. I have seen 'old' shooters clear a type III malfunction, (double-feed), with a few minutes and a pocket knife. A few minutes of training and some practice will allow you to clear that same malfunction without tools in about 5 seconds. A 'life-or-death' difference when a bad guy is shooting at you.
I am lucky to have some cool hardware. But I have gotten some great training, and plan to continue training, on how to use that hardware effectively. My ego says I can always get better.
May God Bless you, yours, and your new home.

Anonymous said...

Simply put, I don't WANT an AR or an AK,. As wepons the are simply useless V modern body armor. Why do you think the government has spent such time and effort to make them atractive to the "gun nuts"? Buy stocking up on "scary black rifles" we have efectively disarmed ourselves V the military/police. The 5.56 and 7.62x39 are BOTH useless ,No matter how many of them you have.

3rdman said...

Anon 5:20

Are you for real or just plain stupid?

Since you appear to be some Tactical Guru, what would you recommend?

Also for the record I carry one of those "scary black rifles" everyday as part of my job.

Anonymous said...

3rdman, I honetly don't care what you carry -or don't. The 5.56 AND the 7.62 x39 are utterly useless V plate armor. I'v tested them. I pack a Mint NM M-1, Tested it too. I'v also tested my .300 win.mag. with bronze solids. It makes very nice holes.Out past 600 yards. Same same the 163gr. M-2 bullet.But as I said, I don't care ,If you want an AR goforit. And FYI name calling is the mark of a childish fanboy --grow up.

3rdman said...

I think TOR hit the nail on the head when talking about training verses having the coolest gun. You are for sure the latter. Also your 308 M1 will not punch through that plate either. The level IV is rated up to 30.06. The bottom line is everything can be defeated even an M1 tank. So to dismiss the AR or AK platform as useless show you have no real world experince. Now as far as your .300 win.mag, it only takes a better marksman than you to eliminate this minor and short term threat or one hellfire from a pred for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I think I know of what you speak of. During hi-cap magazine ban (confining magazines to 10 rounds), I paid $60 apiece (iirc) for 2 Glock 21 full capacity (13 rd.) magazines. Ridiculous price for 3 extra rounds per magazine, but I thought I was caught with tail in a crack and had to buy before these were sold.

When ban sunsetted, I bought a couple more of them at far more reasonable cost.

Remember the primer shortage in 1991? Gun dealers made out like bandits as well on that one. Just like magazine ban, they came back.

Anon 5:20, it really doesn't matter if you like black rifles or not. Your .300 and other 'scoped SNIPER rifles' will be labeled as well as unsuitable for civilian use.

I just wish The Authoritahs would tell us why their lives are so much more important than ours (we meed them, you don't). Life would be so much simpler if they did - c'mon, help Joe Six Pack out!

Ryan said...

@ 5:20, Is your point that 5.56 or 7.62x39 will not go through a class 4A or 4 rifle plate and thus are not viable for fighting folks with that gear?

First of all despite how much it may get worried about in certain circles most folks do not in fact have body armor, let alone rifle plates.

Second class 4 rifle plates are tested against 30.06. So a .308 is equally as inadequate as 5.56 or 7.62x39.

The answer most serious professionals use is to just shoot folks wearing rifle plates someplace other than the plate. The phrase "hips and heads" is a good place to start.

300WM is a fine round. That being said it is not an especially common caliber (I would put it second tier with .243, .270 and other common hunting calibers) and more to the point of our discussion does not come in weapons well configured for defensive use ie with high capacity removable magazines.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, I'm VERY old school, I'don't care much for Hi-Cap mags. I re-load everything,30.06 338 lapua ect. and haveing shot up two dozen sappi plates over the last 4 years I personaly feel they are greatly over rated V the .30 AP rounds. Like the old Kevlar vest, It seems that much of the "Information" published today has more to do with propaganda than truth. I realy hope I never need a CQB gun. But if I do. Back to "old school" I'll take my norchester 1897 trenchgun.Or my 870. You guys that have never used one at close range, they make a baseball size hole side to side. Even hitting an arm or leg ,they bleed out FAST and go into shock. But you guys who love your AR and AK rifles HAVE FUN with them. GOD knows I do with mine. And as to HI- CAP mags, I carry a S&W mod.19 ,I sold the 229, and dont want an XD GLOCK or WALTHER. I'v got a cuple of 1911s( kimber. SA. Remington Rand) but dont carry them any more. Like papy said, "revolvers don't jam"---- @530

3rdman said...

Anon 5:54

"Like papy said, "revolvers don't jam"---- @530"

Well papy was wrong! The fact is they do jam and often require tools to fix unlike pistols.

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