Friday, October 26, 2012

Shooting Book Read, Garand Sale, Potential Training

After a good nights sleep and an easy morning run things are looking up in the world. Also Friday is a plus for sure. Today was a weird day at work. I had to be there and occasionally do stuff but the rest of the time doing whatever was cool. So I read Your Competition Handgun Training Program: A complete training program designed for the practical shooter by Michael Seekerland. Definitely got a ton out of it. Way too much to digest it today. Very good stuff. Working some new stuff in my dry fire practice. Among other things doing mag changes the right way was part of today's fun.I am planning to implement the exact program from the book stretched out to my timeline for dry fire practice and shooting. A full review will likely follow after I have gotten to implementing the program.

 After that I started The Irish War. Picked it up at a (or maybe the, I'm not sure) Army Museum in London and have been meaning to get to it. The importance of public relations and managing the media are made clear. Very interesting stuff.

The M1 Garand sale is a go. I am not replacing it with another gun parse though this sale is more or less concurrent with Project AR Upgrade. The collection is looking a lot more functional these days. On the plus side this frees up a decent amount of resources for reallocation. Got to look at some things and see what cracks out. It's probably going to be a light of some sort.

I have also been looking at some potential training opportunities. It is too easy to just buy guns and gun stuff and not work on the skills to run said guns. While I have some solid skills there are also some areas I need to work on. Thankfully right now I am in a place to (hopefully/ potentially) do some of that. There is potential for a Defensive Pistol class next month and maybe an Appleseed in December. If things go well I would like to take another course in the spring. 

 Anyway that is what's going on today. Tomorrow I will talk about something other than gun junk. Hope you are all having a great Friday.


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