Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Walking Dead: Walk With Me

 Alternate Title: Unless You're Hershel whose leg got nommed by a Zombie then chopped off with a hatchet.

Last week we did a sort of free form Walking Dead post. I plan to do it again today. Really this isn't a blow by blow recap parse it's just random thoughts that pop into my head while watching the show. Of course there will be significant spoilers so if you care about that then watch the episode first.

It is worth noting that this new (tentative) feature's inspiration comes from Alexander Wolfe of TEOTWAWKI Blog. He's been doing a Walking Dead feature for awhile and reading those posts lead to me giving it a shot.

Anyway it's time for the episode to start:

From the recap it seems Merle may reappear.

The helicopter pilot calling Mayday when they crash seems to imply somebody is listening that might be able to help. Maybe there is still some element of the military or government that are relatively intact.

Andrea does not seem to be doing well. Not sure what she is sick with but it seems to be lingering.

Some folks show up to the crash. I believe this is the first introduction of the Governor and his people. They seem like a well equipped and efficient bunch. Their use of bows and bat's in manageable situations while covered by firearms is very solid. Also their apparent SOP of  carrying a knife strong side and a pistol cross draw on the weak side seems to be representative of the order they are to be used in.

Unless I am mistaken the voice of Merle Dixon greets us. A second later we see our tough guy kinda psycho old acquaintance in the flesh. His bayonet hand is pretty neat for zombie killing. This should be fun.

Maybe sawing your hand off after being left for dead does something to put things into perspective. Meryl seems to either have come to terms with things or has an endgame. "Show of hands" is a good ironic phrase for a one handed dude.

The Governor's town of Woodburry seems like a nice place to ride out the end of the world. Then again we don't know much about the management setup except Merle is a key figure which is almost surely bad. Also holding onto their weapons (while in and of itself prudent) isn't a good sign for their benevolence.

 The breakfast discussion between Andrea, Michonne and the Governor was definitely interesting. The Governor and his guys ambushing the rest of the GI's from the group that had the chopper go down says a lot about who they are. It is now pretty obvious how they are so well armed and supplied. Not sure what their deal is (maybe they don't want other strong groups around but will accept individuals, maybe it's a crazy religious apocalypse thing or who knows) but this crew is definitely playing for keeps.

Next week it looks like Rick's group and the prisoners might come to a head and the situation with the Governor and our heroine's will continue to develop. 

Anyway I hope you all have a great Monday morning.

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I wanna know whats in that tea.

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